I want my girlfriend to become so fat she is immobile

After a few years of dating she is definitely well on her way. She has put on over 100 lbs since we started dating and on her 5’2” frame it’s definitely affecting her. One flight of stairs are enough to get her winded now. She probably has at least 150 more lbs to go though until she truly struggles with her mobility. I plan to be there with pizza and cookies in hand to ensure she keeps progressing.

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  • Make sure you have a plan. Specialized bariatric bedding to prevent pressure sores. A Hoyer lift to get her out of bed in order to clean it and her. Medical intervention to prep her skin and avoid stretch marks or splitting. Understand that she's going to spend her entire life in one room, so it should be equipped for all her needs and entertainment. Sunlight, plants, tv and gaming systems. You'll need straps or ratchet and pawl systems to turn her over for comfort's sake, as well as to life her belly out of the way when you get intimate. Two big bore IV lines, unless you can have ports installed, providing her with glucose-rich fluids and any drugs that need to be administered quickly. You'll need a heart monitor, probably a dialysis unit, a powerful respirator that inflates her lungs against the weight of her chest, a nasogastric feeding tube, and anything that will aid her liver function and act like a secondary heart in order to reduce the stress on her organic one.

    Basically, you need a skilled physician with resources who happens to be an FA and a Feeder to help you. Lots of this stuff isn't available commercially.

  • Add creatine to drinks, helped fatten my wife up

  • Does she know about your plan?

  • Why do you want to immobilize another living being. . it seems it's a control freak thing, hope she Wise's up and leaves. God bless

  • You are sick, fat people are not Happy, they are poor and miserable and it’s because everybody around them made them try to hard at something and that failed. So they became fat and miserable because they stopped trying to make other people happy.

  • Huh?

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