Not sure what to call this. Let's go with "weird fantasy" I guess

I'm an adult man, and I want to have a little girl as kind of a living doll/robot. Not to have actual s** with, but to BE sort of sexual with, I guess? I would hand pick what I want her to wear from her closet, tell her how to do her hair for me. I would manipulate and play with her like a doll-- for instance moving and posing her with my hands, running my fingers through her hair, tugging and feeling the material of her clothing. She would do things I ask-- "walk to that spot. Pick the green can up. Bring it to me." Like that. "Walk to that spot in a sexy way while humming this tune." Ect. I also would want to press her against a wall, just with the power of one hand, and push against her stomach. Not to really hurt her, or cause any particular pain, but just enough to force her to grunt, groan, exhale through her mouth really hard-- "Huuhh! Huuhh! Hhhh-hhh-hhh-huuuhhh!" Sometimes I'd ask her to either stop listening to me so I could FORCE her back into control-- or I'd tell her she HAD to be really verbally mean to me until I told her to stop-- because I want it and I said so. If it's two thirty in the morning and I decide I want her to walk across the house and then open her mouth and show me her tongue-- I just wake her up and have her do it. "Take this thing, walk out into the dark, put it somewhere. Come back inside, open your mouth, let me watch your throat flex while you laugh. Then go back to bed. In the morning, go get that random object and bring it back to me." Basically I just completely control every random aspect of her life for my own amusement and gratification. I don't abuse her, I keep her healthy, but I completely own and control every part of her.

May 30, 2020

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  • If you're still interested maybe I can fulfill that role

  • God complex

  • I get you. It's so sexy to have power over another. Especially when it involves s**. I had a gf for a year where we talked about her as my doll. I would tell her to hug me or to strip.

    There is a downside and that is no foreplay means she will not get aroused. Yes it's exciting to have s** with her the doll but after a while it becomes dull. Like I she would take her clothes off her and lie her on the bed and she would lie totally still. I would position her hands and run my hands over her b****** and body. I'd kiss her and run my tongue in her mouth and then I would lube up, push in and f*** her and pull out and lie spent beside her.

    Eventually though she dumped me.

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