My boyfriend.....

First time writing this. Not really a confession....well maybe it is. So I've been with my bf for about 6 months, I really like jogging and hiking in the woods and trails by my place. I've started to get him into it too. And sometimes we go prefar into the woods and stuff. So one day I wanted to have some fun on our walk. So before he picked me up I got in my series jogging outfit. My tiniest shorts that show some of my cheeks. And a sports bra with a loose tank. I did my hair and put on makeup and everything. So we go out and half way down the walk I started kissing him, and as I start to get on my knees he asks me what I'm doing, and I look at him and say, what do you think im doing? Like he didn't know. And he said he wasn't into that a little shocked. What guy wouldn't wanna bang me in the woods. I felt a little embarrassed. Im 5'7 110lbs blonda hair and run every day. Not to blow my own horn but I think im a hottie. So we finish our walk and g9back. I havnt talked to him on a few days, what should i do??? I'm begot think this relationship isn't going to work out. I like to be adventurous and have fun whereever/ whenever I want. And my man should do that for me whenevwr I tell him to dont you think?? I put all that effort into it, it's the least he could do. Anyone have any thoughts on this??????

Oct 21, 2020

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  • Find a new bf!!

  • You won’t be happy with the stick in the mud for long.

  • I think you should find someone else who's more up for that, if it had been me, I'd have f***** you right there in the woods

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