Sometimes I wish

I am way past my sexual prime. Married for 49 some odd years. I often wish that I had taken more pics of my wife when we were in our twenties but even back then there was no internet to display my lovely wife. Now in our 70s and although I use my cell phone to grab pics of her, it’s not the same. If I had had pics of her 40 or so years ago, and put them on the internet, if it were available then, maybe just maybe she would have liked to here the comments that guys would have sent in. It’s not that I wanted her to have ** with other guys, it was how proud that I was then of having a well built wife, 38c 24 36. Can you imagine?’ She deserved better than me but we made it this long and I still dream of our past.
Thanks for your thoughts!!

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  • Would love to see a pic or two.

  • I love older women pics best. I even like older men. Would love to see any pics you're willing to share. I have sneaky pics of my 68 year old mother in law. JAKETIMMONS99@YAHOO.cOM

  • I am from the same generation, early 60's now, but in the 70's my wife was smoking hot, loved to be naked, most all the time till the kids were born, now that they are gone, we have lots of outdoor picnics ourselves and always naked, in the pool, the hot tub and just sunning some days naked. I have Polaroids back then, but now with computers and all easy to take pics. I even got a pic of her sucking my ** on the pool decking, her big ** and all.

  • Would love to see a pic or Two.

  • Thanks for your comment. I started this to hear from others and it is good to know that what I was thinking back then really was going on

  • Taking pics of my wife, especially when she is unaware, has always been a big turn on for me. It all started years ago when I would peep into the neighbors windows when I was just a kid. Wish I could relive some of those nights but I only have my dreams and fantasies now. Wonder who else is willing to give their peeping experiences

  • I let a next door neighbor look in our bedroom window once, I think he got to see the wife artlessly for a few seconds and was amayhow turned on I got. She never new .

  • This has gotten out of hand for me. Not getting any response so I will just read and fantasize on my on from now on. But I appreciate any comments on my posts

  • Chico70 let’s chat

  • Chico, so do you have those early pics still. I had some of them years ago but wife asked me to destroy them which I did. Now I wish I still had them. She was great looking in her 20s and 40s

  • In my seventies also. Took Polaroid pictures back then but put them on tape later. Always wanted to show but knew I couldn’t. Great to look at for the memories. Her life change spiritually and so did everything else. I still love looking at her ** after 49 years

  • Me and my younger missus love taking pictures of her and are taking tentative steps to showing her off and watching the comments together

  • Did get 2 responses but that’s pretty low. Surely there are many more stories

  • Here is what I think. We all fantasize. You are just trying to relive your younger life. Back when there was no internet, you only had ** or penthouse. Now you have imitate access and you wish you were born in 1990 so that you can enjoy a more free sexual experience

  • We are in our seventies I have taken many photos of my wife in the **. I am the same I have always wanted to show other people pictures of her big **.

  • Sounds like you fantasize much like me. It’s not that I really want to post pics of the wife but being in my 70s I miss those younger years when I did not have to fantasize, I had her with me

  • Love to see

  • I would love to see

  • Love to see,

  • Does your wife know you have been taking those pics and if so does she get upset with you for trying. You see my wife has never liked me taking pics of her even though she is well aware how much it excites me to take them. When we were younger and I took pics she knew that the more excited that I got the longer and better our intimate moments would be but she still resisted my picture taking. I realize it is just the way I am wired.

  • Yes my wife enjoys me taking photos of her. She is aware how much it excites me.

  • When I was a teen, I did what many of the guys my age did, peep in the windows of my neighbors. Although I did a glance or two what I liked the best was how excited I got knowing I might see something. This is I think the main reason I like peeping at the wife even though I can see her ** almost any time. My problem is that I discarded the early pics of her so now I fantasize by wanting to see pics of others to play my excitement game!

  • A lot of guy like myself enjoy the beauty of mature women more than young girls... it's not too late if you have the right audience

  • Yes, I love looking at naked mature women more than young girls.

  • Yep but it’s not that I want to see young girls **, I just wish I had taken pics of my wife when she was in her twenties so that now in my seventies I could go back and remember what made me fall in love with her and by the way I am not anything like she fell in love with now either. You know guys worry more about our appearance in the 70s than women in their 70s

  • I have taken naked photos of my wife since we got married in 1966. Taking photos of her always excites me. I love showing her big ** to other men which turns me on. I love to read their comments.

  • Wow, how did you get them developed? I would love to see also. Maybe we could share. Quality no where near as good as today’s technology

  • Love to see and comment.

  • So you have pics of a beautiful lady from 1966 on or like me got rid of them. Just to have one of my wife from 1973 would make my day. If you feel ok with it how about sending some of your early pics as well as later pics to me!!

  • I am looking for pics also

  • They might not look the same now as 50 years ago, but their sexual skills now are the best that they will ever be, so much better than 50 years ago. My wife's oral skills still amaze me, and her ** still tastes the same.

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