I want to be a Damsel in Distress

I would love to try the experience of being a damsel in distress in a real life role play! The only rules would be that they can't strip me naked or sexually assault me. I don't care how many kidnappers there are, how they kidnap me, how much rope they tie me up with, how they gag me, etc. They can keep me captive all day until I escape or someone rescues me. My problem is how could I find decent guys who would do this with me and play by the rules? Also, would men want to play this kind of role play?

I'm a 21, 5'4" 130 lb woman and I've never done anything like this before.

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  • I live in Lakewood Co. I would love to be your villain following any rules that you have. I will tie you to a train track and a buzzsaw with the blade getting close to your head and many other perils. You can email me at villainb687@gmail.com and by the way can you send me a picture of yourself.

  • My gf likes to wear a gag when we go shopping but she wears a mask so no one can tell. You should try that

  • I would love to help

  • Would you mind saying what part of the US you're in?

  • Too much time on your hands, young girl to be thinking of outlandish fantasies!

  • I would love to. I wonder how one connects.

  • I don't really know how to connect safely to start off.

  • Sounds good. For real fear you want to remove the naked and assault thing.

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