Desire Mother In Law

I have to start out by saying we’ve moved in with the in-laws and have been for over 6 months now and I’m starting to get feelings for my MIL. I never really saw it at first but over a period of time I’ve come to see her in a different light.

She’s in the process of getting a divorce however the family still live together just in separate rooms. Everyone is happy and they haven’t had a bad split up, he’s moved on and found someone and at first so had the MIL. However the guy she was dating wasn’t right for her and treated her like s**t. I’m so glad it’s ended as she deserves so much better.

She is so kind and caring, she makes 90% of the meals for the family after coming home from work. She does all the cleaning and washing and she really is under appreciated. She’s often the but of most jokes but over time that must take its toll. I just want her to know that I appreciate her and want her to be happy in life. She doesn’t need to worry about finding someone, just have fun and if you happen to find that person that you want to spend the rest of your days with them fine but just have fun and explore the world. She hasn’t experienced much in life as she’s dedicated it to raising her family and husband.

As I’ve started looking at the MIL differently I’ve started being attracted to her. I like the older woman and when she makes the effort she looks really nice which no one ever comments on. I love seeing her in tight jeans as her ass is incredible! And when she wears a loose fitting blouse with a bit of cleavage on show. There have been times in the past where’s she’s asked me to do her top up from behind as it’s difficult for her to do. I’ve been missing the opportunity all these times to compliment her and show her affection. She’s not had the opportunity recently with lockdown to request things like that from me. But I actually fantasise about it now.

I fantasise about me wearing just a t-shirt and very short shorts that are very light. She asks me to help do her up from behind ready for work. There’s only me and her in the house and as I stand up I press my semi close against her perfect ass. Fiddle with her top for a long time and see if she reacts to it. After I’ve done her up I lean in to her neck as if I’m going to kiss her and take a deep breath saying you smell lovely.

With this new desire for my MIL I’ve lowered myself to wanting more personal items of hers. I really don’t want to disrespect her or upset her in any way but the desire to be close to her and fulfill my sexual desire is overwhelming! I’ve crossed the line and hope she can forgive me. I have taken a couple of her worn panties from her room to satisfy my cravings.

They are so incredible! The scent is so intoxicating and I just want more and more. If that could be bottled up and sold as perfume it would make millions. There really isn’t a scent like it. I’ve had other women’s panties in the past and nothing comes close to these. I really was blown away by how incredible it was and now I feel I’m addicted to it. There’s no way I want to give it up. I want there to be a way of her knowing and accepting that I’ve an unbelievable desire for her. I’d love for her to somehow know what I’ve done and talk to me saying she understands and will allow it to continue under her conditions. I fantasise she finds out and leaves her panties in the bathroom as a sign that it’s ok to take them.

The emotions that I’m feeling are so great and I have to keep them bottled up as I can’t tell anyone. No one will understand, even the MIL may not understand. I would hate for her to tell the wife as I know it would kill her and me but I can’t help how I feel. I need the MIL to know I desire her and to keep it between us.


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  • Wow.

    That’s hot. You need to take her. If your wife finds out she will be upset. No doubt about that. But just tell her how her mom makes you feel and how it makes you so h**** thinking that she will still be that sexy at her moms age.

    And how you are so excited that you will be able to grow old together and enjoy her as she ages and matures like a fine wine.

    That would make me melt

  • When you two are alone tell her how beautiful she looks! (You can probably even do this front of other people too... just say: "Wow you always look really great!" She will probably blush but it will make her feel really good. And she will start to think of you differently.

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