Yall tripping

Yea ** dat kud im a 90s youth im 47 now but then man its a diffrent world im white and cherokee back then my homies was asian ,white black mexican who ever you was cool with as they were cool we was cool with wont no color ** like today yaw fn stupid today you my generations kids da ** wrong wit yall

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  • English as a second language?

  • This one's a cholo. stay in school, kids.

  • Just like with gender issues, the #woke crowd pretends gender and color don't matter while making every single tiny little thing about gender and color. They're even worse than actual bigots and racists because they're so convinced running backwards is the same thing as walking forwards.

    Either focus on the fact that we are all humans first or shut the ** up entirely. That goes for BOTH sides.

  • I’m 29 and I agree I’m white and I never saw anyone being racist to my black friends growing up and I never even heard about it till Ferguson mo happened then it seem like Obama did everything he could to make people more angry and he hasn’t stopped I was so disappointed about that in him I really did think with a black president we were finally past all this instead it got worse under him so sad

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