Cheated with Personal Trainer

I have always had a flirtaous side which is increased the more I drink and socialise. As a married woman this has caused strain on my relationship with my husband catching me out on a number of occasions.
Following a time when he did catch me out he decided I should do something that I could focus on and invest my time into that would take my mind off drink and other things.
I decided to join a gym and get into weight training. I started to really enjoy my training and it kept me from drinking. After a short time of training I decided to push my results to the next level and sought out a personal trainer. I saw a few before deciding to go for a guy who was recommended. He was a bit older so I felt safer that he wouldn't try anything.
After a while we became very close and I found he was such a lovely guy who was married and had two teenage daughters. We would speak outside of our training times and also meet up. He confided in me that he was in a loveless marriage and I think it was after this we became more flirty towards each other which then led to pictures being exchanged between each other. Our training sessions did become steamy where he would touch me intimately and this eventually led to us kissing.
It was approaching my birthday and I was planning a night out with the girl which would be the first time I had drank in over two months. I knew my trainer was out that night as there was a big event on in town which he was going to that day. We arranged to meet on the night.
I dressed wearing a top that showed my mid-drift as my figure had really improved since I started training and I wanted to show it off. I met my trainer in a bar by which time we had both already had had a bit to drink. He told me I looked beautiful and he looked amazing in his tight muscle top. We chatted and I eventually got separated from my friends remaining with him for the rest of the night drinking and chatting. It felt so comfortable and we held hands. We eventually kissed and couldn't stop. We decided to check in to a nearby hotel. It was amazing, I couldn't wait to undress him and I have never orgasmed so much and so hard.
When I woke up the morning in his arms I knew what I had done was wrong but still couldn't wait for him to have s** with me again so I tenderly aroused him under the sheets until he woke up and then we had s** again until he came inside me.
I took the morning after pill for precautions. This was something I was trying to move on from in my life but it felt so right and my husband is none the wiser. I would really like to do this again as I have never experienced s** like this before. Is this wrong?

Jun 3, 2020

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  • I bet you fart in the bath too.

  • Yes it’s wrong. You’re a married woman and he’s married as well. Either divorce your husband or stop! He doesn’t deserve a cheating wife and neither does the guys wife. I don’t see how you people can cheat so easily and still claim to love your spouse. You have zero respect for your husband and it will humiliate and devastate him when he finds out. And he will find out

  • Be sure your sin will find you out. ...the laws are written in our hearts. We can't avoid them. You wouldn't be here if you felt it was 100% right. Look to God. Maybe you chose the wrong relationship and instead of letting God guide you, you became impatient , just as with the trainer , and why not somewhere again down the line... Human flesh is insatiable it seems as We are only human. A human gets hungry- eats only to eat again. Why smoke a cigarette only to smoke another later?.... Temple of God is within if we don't go within -we go without. Find your food for the soul for the flesh will surely fade: Looks, feelings, breathing. All things come to pass

  • I don't think it's wrong. Personally, I think it's totally unnatural to expect a human being to remain totally faithful forever. I don't think many do. I've had affairs, and I know my wife has too. She probably knows that I have had them. We just don't talk about it and kind of accept it.

  • Are you people considered yourself human with brain or brainless animal? Stupids!

  • Honey, if you like it go for it. If you want to turn it up a notch here are three things to do.

    1) introduce your hubby to the trainer. It will make your next encounter so much hotter knowing that the two men know each other. The trainer will also f*** you so hard as he wants you to want him more.

    2) find a way to invite him over while your hubby is out. There is nothing more satisfying than f****** another man in the same bed you sleep in with your. Husband.

    3) find a way to have s** with your hubby soon after you have s** with your new lover. Have your husband eat you out before you have intercoarse. It’s amazing to watch your husband lap up another man’s c**. Just tell him you have been thinking about him all day and you are sooooo wet. Otherwise he will wonder why you are a bit more wet than usual

    Do these things and let me know how it goes

  • That is so f***** up. Her husband doesn’t deserve that nasty s***. If I found out my wife was f****** another man and feeding me his c** I believe I would hurt her and him. She needs to divorce him instead of humiliating and disrespecting him. What the f*** is wrong w you people?

  • Jack, it may sound messed up but it is amazing!

  • Sounds like you are not naturally monogamous. Time to ask for an open marriage!

  • While it is wrong to cheat on your husband, you are only human so don't be h****** yourself. Very few married folks stay true to their partner the entire marriage. Just be careful going forward and be very discreet.

  • Yes look at this guy, cheat on him not your husband he doesn't deserve that :( unless he does idk

  • Marry me ...! i think that's so fuking hot! It's wrong yes but it's very very very sexy! Yes you can cheat on me but i want details in bed later!
    I thunk in today's world it's impossible for a girl to be super humanly strong and resist the constant onslaught of men hitting on you... especially now that you look amazing. Id call it off soon just because you don't want to get found out.

  • Totally agree with this comment!

  • How could you do that to your partner?You're a disgusting monster!

  • Another cheating s*lut who would've guessed

  • Wow you're really disgusting

  • Cheating w h o r e

  • W****

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