My father and I

When I was around 15 one night I was sleeping in my room and I had this dream about my dad eating me out and fingering me the next morning I woke up and was kinda scared at what I dreamt and if it had been real bc I woke up without my underwear on and my bed was damp. The following night I kept thinking about it and how good it felt and how I should thank my father for it so I walked in his room and when I walked in he was just standing there with his eyes closed naked so I walked over to him and he pushed me against the wall and started to touch me I started to feel guilty so I pushed him to the bed and got on my knees and gave him head and ever since that day he’s treated me different he’s became really possessive



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  • I started my step sis when she was 6

  • Lucky dad!

  • Good girl suck his d***, let him f*** you

  • If your dad is possessive he's a probably a bit scared of you may tell someone of what's happening between you two. I would reassure him that this is consensual and strictly between you two. Don't feel guilty just enjoy your dad. Remember to use birth control.

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