My lovely sister in law.

Yesterday I walked in on my wife's younger, Half sister, They have the same dad and different moms, She is considerably younger than my wife and they are very different but love each other just the same, My wife's little sister is just 24 and my wife is 36, We have 3 kids and my wife's b**** were never even half the size of her sister's and her b****** have gone flat and saggy.
I walked around the corner and my wife's siter was standing in our walk in closet topless in a pair of stretchy pants, I said "Oh s***, sorry", She turned to face me and I didn't mean to but I got caught staring, She giggled and her huge, Round, perfect b**** jiggled as she snapped her fingers at me and said "My eyes are up here", I appologized again and she said "Can you hand me my bra" pointing behind me, I grabbed it and handed it to her and she stood looking at me and again I got caught staring, She whispered "****", I shook my head and said "Good lord, I am sorry", I don't know why I didn't leave the closet but I didn't.
She giggled again and said "If you want to cop a feel do it quick" as she put her bra around her waist, I didn't hesitate and cupped her b****, Huge, firm, pale skinned and veiny with big pale pink nips, I squeezed both nips and she said "oookay...Aaaaannnnd we're done" I stepped back and watched as she put her bra on and wrestled her big t*** into her bra, pulled a shirt over her head and then she looked at me and said "This never happened". My wife was in the back yard so I went out there and talked to her for a bit, She looked at me then at my crotch and said "Psst...You have a b****" and I chuckled and said "Sorry, I've been thinking about you ALLLL day and can see down your shirt", she said "Yeah well cover it up before you go inside, my sister is here".
What a fun little afternoon visit with my wife's sister, I don't know what it means or if it means anything but her t*** are amazing.

Jun 4, 2020

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  • Yeah, So that didn't work...Well kinda but not really, I was drinking with my wife and her 1/2 the other night, I seen her come into the kitchen after changing for bed and my wife was already asleep, She obviously had no bra on so I whipped out my c***, Walked up behind her and cupped her b**** from behind, She let out a little yelp and turned around, I looked down, She looked down and I said "Your turn to cop a feel", She looked at me with her eyebrows raised and said "Oh sweety...Uh...Ok, Here is the deal", She looked at my rock hard erection and said "You have a big d***, and if we were both single I would already be on my knees but you married my sister so you need to stick to that", I leaned back and she said "One time thing" and she grabbed my c*** stroking it, She said "I know you haven't been getting any lately but that's something you two need to work on, Sorry if I led you on that day but we can't do this". She handed me a towel off the counter and pulled her shirt up as she jerked me, I leaned in and sucked her big, round nip and came on the hand towel then she used it to wipe her hand.
    I leaned in for a kiss and she pulled back saying "You're still not litening, One time thing, If you try again I tell my sister" and stood looking sternly at me. I agreed and went to bed, Do I try again or not? Not sure how serious she is.

  • Try it again later but move
    Slowly. Give her the chance to make some of the moves. There is no doubt she is interested or she would have just thrown you the towel to cover up.

    You will get in there I’m sure of it!

  • Honey. You got to do the 1/2 sister. It’s clear she wants you.

    I know because I did a similar thing to my brother in law. I’m about 8 years older than my sister and her hubby is the same age. When they were about 30 they bought a lake house and my family and I went there for the forth of July weekend. I never went to college but my brother in law went to one of the big Texas schools so I wore a set of that schools boxers around the house. They were a bit tight (camel toe and a bit cheeky). But it was the 90’s. My hubby didn’t like me wearing them in front of everyone but he liked them so he let it go.

    Long story short. I made sure my brother in law and I ended up in the room at the same time to change for the lake. We f***** 4 times that July 4 weekend and find a way to work in a little play time each family get together. Even if it’s just a quick BJ or “stinky finger”.

    Been doing it for 18 years now. This is going to be the first July 4 with out him thanks to CoViD.

    Don’t think anyone knows. After all, we are “keeping it in the family”. Not really cheating.

  • SO hot! Love you follow up comment. I've been l****** after my wife's sister for years, she has the most amazing panties and tight little runners mom bod.

  • Went to my 1/2 sisters house today. Talked my sister into going to the store in my new Tahoe. Told her to are the kids and that I would get stuff ready for lunch.

    She fell for it. I then called her hubby in from his BBQ duties outside. Then had him f*** me hard in their bed. It was sooo f****** hot. He came inside of me just as they pulled in the drive.

    I love f****** my brothers-in-law

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