Mom found out I’m hooking up with her friend/business partner

Jan 48 (looks 30) & mom are real estate partners. btw; back in high school, I used to ‘date’ Jan’s daughter Krysti. Jan’s open minded, she had Krysti on bc and allowed me to sleep over many nights at their house.

Jan’s tiny, thin, 5” 2’, bottle blonde, perfect bolt on 32D, raw vegan, smooth skin and gorgeous. When not at work, Jan and mom are at the gym, yoga, spin class, swimming. As a realtor, she prefers to keep a certain appearance.
I’m 24 & last spring planned on spending the weekend at the Marina on my parent’s cabin cruiser. Mom, Dad and Jan were coming by Friday evening and we’d all take the boat out. Dad & mom got wine festival tickets at the last minute & decided to drive to Atlanta. Around 5pm Jan arrived wearing a loose transparent sundress, large sunglasses, white bikini, heels and a large hat with a wine basket & grocery bag of raw veggies. I told her about mom and dad. She checked her phone, apologized for missing the text and said, “I guess I’ll be alone this evening.” Bill was away on travel. I told her to stay and I’ll take the boat out anyway.
I dropped anchor in a private cove and she took off the dress. OMG! Her stomach’s ripped and a pierced belly button too! I instantly got hard, tried to adjust, it was bad so I jumped in the water. She took her bikini off. No tan line and smooth. She did a playful hands on hips pose & said, “I don’t want to sit in a wet bikini all evening. I’m sure you’ve seen a naked women before and won’t mind.” I gave her compliments, she dove in, swam to me and we kissed. We swam back to the boat, I took my shorts off, she grabbed my c***, lowered down and started riding. I didn’t last long. She laughed, we kissed til I recovered then went at it again. I lasted longer and until both of us were exhausted.
She prepared a raw vegan meal & told me she’s getting a divorce, got the papers a few days ago. Bill knocked up a 18yr old intern, her family got p***** and reported it to his work. Instead of trying to work things out with Jan, he’d rather divorce and marry the intern.
Jan spent the rest of the weekend with me on the boat. Soon, we started hooking up regularly on the boat & my place.
Mom found out a week after we started hooking up. The Smith’s know Jan and mom are friends. They’re an old nosey couple at the marina & called mom to tell her Jan’s spending a lot of time with me AND staying overnight.
Jan moved in with me after the divorce. They decided to sell everything & split the money. At first, it was a little awkward with Krysti but she’s married with kids so everyone gets along.
Jan and I are connecting well and having LOTS of fun staying home during this pandemic!

Jun 6, 2020

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