With Best Friend's Dad

I posted this as a comment to a post and a few people commented it should be it’s own story. I hope it’s not too long and boring, when I started typing, I began remembering more details.

It was 1996, I’d just finished my freshman year of high school and was officially a sophomore. I’m not posting my age at the time.
I went on summer vacation with my best friend January, everyone called her Jan. Her parents rented a cabin near a lake in Montana.
I’m a blue eyed, brunette, pale skin, 5ft 8in & brunette. I was on the track team and back then I was awkwardly thin. People accused me of having an eating disorder. At the time, I weighed 110 - 115lbs and flat, size 32A.
At the time, I’d only been with one guy.
Our first time didn’t last long at all. He was able to take my virginity but went soft quickly and the condom kept falling off. I had s** with him 3 more times but each time the moment finished as quick as it started. Never heard from him again.
My mother thought I would become sexually active so she had me put me on birth control. My dad was very strict and mom told him it was medication to help regulate my period.
On the day of the event, Jan and her mom left to go shopping and I stayed to run the 12 mile trail around the lake. I was walking around back and noticed her dad standing naked & rinsing off at the outdoor shower. I guess he’d been swimming in the lake.
I noticed his massively thick p**** dangling. I became curious and aroused! I remember thinking to myself, ’Jan’s mom is so lucky!’ I moved closer. He acted shocked and tried to grab a towel. He paused as I held it with both hands. He didn’t move our say anything. I said, “It’s the biggest I’ve ever seen.” I got on my knees and gave him oral. Thankfully, he was enjoying and got hard quickly. I pulled down my shorts, bent over the railing and begged him to ‘stick it in’. He said, “We shouldn’t be doing this.” I told him it was OK. I’m not a virgin, I’m on birth control and I promised to not tell.
He positioned the himself at my entrance and rubbed it up and down. He asked again, “Are you Ok with this?” I begged him to do it. He grabbed my butt and with one motion, he thrusted himself inside easily. He had amazing rhythm! It was the first time I had unprotected s** and I liked it! After a few minutes his hands went to work on my body. I gave him total control over me. He fingered my v***** and rubbed & squeezing my butt. He picked up his pace and I felt his thumb pressing into my butt. Everything he did felt GOOD!
My shirt came off and he was rubbing my small b******. The best part was he pinched my nipples slightly. This is a move I incorporated with each future boyfriend.
I experienced my first o*****. It was embarrassing because I couldn’t control my shivering. He knew it but kept going. His pace slowed but he went deep. He grunted and said, “I’m going to c**.” I said, “Inside me! Please!” I remember the feeling of the warm sperm rushing inside me. He pulled me tight with one hand and rubbed my stomach with his other hand. We were connected and motionless till he finished. I turned around to face him, his p**** was covered with c** and going soft. I felt his sperm leaking down my leg. We laughed as he turned the shower on and we rinsed.
I held his p**** and bragged about his size, told him that was the best s** I’d ever experienced! He flirted back. I know this was silly but I said, “You are welcome to do that to me anytime!”
I re-assured him I’d never tell.
I was in my room changing and noticed in the mirror, my butt was red from the smacking. The next morning, I had four finger print bruises on each side of my butt. I made sure to wear longer shorts and no bikini bottoms for the rest of the trip.
Things between us were never awkward and we never had s** again. We came close a numerous times but the timing wasn’t right and it would have been too risky.
We never kissed. It’s a detail I never thought about till after this was typed. I’m glad we didn’t because it wasn’t about intimacy.
The next year in school, I met my future husband and we’ve been married 20 years and the third guy I’ve been with. We have 2 kids and our s** live is still amazing. To this day, he thinks I’ve only been with the one guy that took my virginity.
Ok since this is anonymous, sorry hubby, I still rank my experience with Jan’s dad as the best ever!
Anyone reading this please understand, I know I was young at the time and he could have gotten in trouble but I initiated it, I’d already had s**, I wanted it and he didn’t pressure me at all. It was fun and if I could go back in time, I wouldn’t change a thing!

Jul 6

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  • WOW! H Oh T!! Story!
    I banged by bff's dad but it wasn't as hot as that story!
    My bff's mom and dad were divorced and she was getting married. I was her MOH and helping with planning. I was at her dad's place making plans. Her seamstress called and needed her try her dress on again.
    Her dad and I always flirted in the past. Her dad told me I could stay.
    After my bff left, we wasted no time getting busy. I gave him oral, he returned the favor and he pulled me to his bedroom. OMG!
    After the wedding, I snuck around and had s** with him a few more times.
    I guess I should mention I was dating a guy at the time too. lol

  • Very very hot. I'm saving this one for the spank bank.

  • Thanks. I was afraid I'd get a bunch of Boring or TLDR.....

  • Was the dad in his 40s or more? Athletic type or "Dad bod" hairy and slight belly?

  • Sorry, I should have described him. Thanks for pointing that out.
    He's tall, maybe 6ft 6in. He was lean, muscular & fit. I could tell he worked out a lot. He was also into road biking. He had brown hair and brown eyes.

  • Ah, no wonder you got so h****.

  • Yeah, he stayed fit and hot up into is 60s too. Sadly, Covid took him away before the vaccine was available.

  • It was nice while typing the story and remembering that moment. Looking back, seeing him naked and his thick p**** hanging down got me so aroused. The part that amazed me the most was when he entered me and immediately began with a rhythm like we'd been having s** many times before. He also knew how to use his hands to make me more aroused.
    I never got that far with the first guy. Each time was over before it started. lol
    It also took my second, current husband, years to get to that point.
    I wish I could have had s** with him more but it never happened.

  • Older experienced lovers are the best

  • Were you attracted to him from the very first few times you originally met him? How long did you know him before that s** day?

    After that day, whenever you were with the family, especially around his wife, did you feel extra aroused you "stole" her husband away from her at least for a while?

    Do you think he was able to get any other of his daughter's friends?

  • OMG! I never thought about how long I knew him beforehand until you brought that up.
    Well, as I stated earlier, I'd finished my freshman year when we had s** but I still don't want to tell my age. lol This really brings back memories. Jan and I became friends in 3rd grade. We did dance and cheer together. Our parents took turns taking us to classes. Yes! Jan's dad drove us to cheer and dance many times.
    Did I find him attractive before we had s**? Honestly, no. I never looked at him that way until I seen him naked and his thick p**** dangling between his legs while he showered. That's the moment I first became aroused by him.
    Honestly, after we had s**, things were not awkward when we were around each other. I can't explain it but it wasn't. A few times when we were alone, we'd flirt and tried to plan a second romp but it never worked out. It was too risky.
    I admit when I first seen his thick p**** I thought 'Jan's mom is lucky!' I had that same thought all the time. I love my hubby and I hate to admit this but he was much thicker and longer than my husband.
    I really don't think he had s** with any of Jan's friends. I can't prove it but Jan and I were close and didn't hang around the other girls. If he did I can't think of who it would be..... Also, as I stated earlier, we tried numerous times to plan a second romp but the timing never worked out. If he did, I don't know how he pulled it off.

  • I’m so happy you were able to have the opportunity you did

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