I am having an affair.

I am having an affair with my neibours, Yup both of them, Not your typical affair but a window affair. I used to just walk around naked in my room and leave my lights on and they would do the same, I fully enjoyed watching both of them and think I may be Bi.
My neighbors are an early 30's couple who are both very attractive and I would totally hook up with either of them, in a couple years. I am 5'7", 125lbs, DD cup and long dark hair. She is a little shorter than me from what I can tell and smaller chested but very attractive, Long blonde hair and a fit body and he is, Well, He is HOOOOOTTTTT, Tall, Over 6 feet for sure, Fit and HUNG. I watch movies and I know big, He is BIG, Cut and a huge hanging sack which I find attractive, Big purple k*** and curved slightly upward, Six pack abs and a shaved head with a couple tats.
In more recent months I recieved a package, I get home hours before my parents and there was a package on my step, I took it inside, Opened it and got goosebumps, MY FIRST D****, I am sure I know who it is from and it came in a "Clone My Willy" box. I locked myself in the bathroom for like an hour and just studied it, Every line, Every curve, Every vein and obviously I tried it out, I licked it, I sucked it and it came with lube, I lubed it up and I tried, I honestly tried but that's gonna take some time. After my parents got home I put it away and waited, And waited, And waited. I have never met them face to face and I actually try to avaoid meeting them because that would be bad.
The first night I laid in bed and watched their window out of the corner of my eye with just my lamp on, I laid there and played with my new toy but never seen their light come on, Next night I did the same with my blankets at my waist and the night after with no covers, It took about a week of "Practice" before I could even get it half way in and even then it was too big to be comfortable, Probably a month in was the first time I actually watched them "In action". WOW, I can't wait for my first time but I refuse to just do random, I am holding out for my 18th and I only have 13 months to go so I can do it.
That first time the lights were dim and it was a pitch black night, They used to pretend they didn't notice me and likewise when we first started but have since moved on to full on watching, I'm gonna skip a lot but that first time we let each other know I watched as they started to undress each other and then she slid his shorts down as she knelt, Watching her motions I was in awe, I should tell you that our room are litterally right next to each other, It's a newer neighborhood and my dad was p***** when they built the house next door, He fought with the builders about the lay out and how the house next door completely blocked the view from 3 of our windows but I don't even think he realized that the master in their house is right across from my room which was never actually supposed to be my room and was initially built as a workout room but I begged and pleaded to make it my room because it was bigger and my parents gave in.
If I tried I am pretty sure if I leaned way out I could reach out and touch their window from mine with like a pool cue or something around that length so there is no issue seeing it all seeing everything and if we opened the windows could talk back and forth but anyway, I am rambling on, I sat on the edge of my bed and watched as she opened her mouth and started sucking him off, Licked his b****, Sucked them while jerking him and then I took off my top, and he watched as I pinched and pulled and licked my big, Puffy pink nips. He started to buck his hips and then grabbed her head and she slapped his thigh as I assume he came in her mouth. I watched her work her magic and MAKE him go soft.
I don't think that was the intention of the night but they left the room and showered, I turned out my lights and waited but fell asleep with my lights off, I only sleep naked now incase they ever wake up early and want to see me and now we are full on watching each other, Me and him do stuff together, Me and her do stuff together and I rearranged my room to make it better for viewing, He loves to stand at the window and j*** while I turn my chair to face the window and put my feet right on the window sill, Me and her do it for each other and watch each other and the hottest part is the closed windows, I love the lack of actual contact and he has motioned for me to open my window but I ALWAYS say no.
I have become a total perv watching them and she will ride him right in front of the window and let me watch, I will use my toy in front of the window and let them watch, They have sent me nip clamps, One other toy, A butt plug which I don't like but when she uses hers I use mine I do on my knees with my bum toward the window, It is all in, Like everything, I don't even care, We use note's, I put a note on my window or they put a note on thier window and we use that for requests etc. Last week I posted a note that I was having a friend sleep over, I told them to leave their lights off and not scare her away and I would try to get her to undress partially or fully.
I never told them she is my cousin and at first I just boldly changed in front of her and she never really said too much, I started telling her about how I had a Toy and she was very interested, She lives on a farm with no major centers close and she had told me she started playing in the shower but had no access to buying a toy since when they go to the city she is always with her parents so I broke mine out and I had fully cleaned my newest one and put it back in the package and surprised her by giving it to her. I could tell she was anxious to try it and she was going to go to the bathroom but I said "Wait, My parents will hear because their room is right beside...We could...Just both do it here?", She was nervous at first but I managed to set it up so we were both watching movies on mute and within minutes of the first movie we both had our tops off and I broke out the clamps, She looked at me surprised and I took our relationship to a whole new level, I grabbed her one nip, Pulled it out and she clenched her teeth, then as I tightened it she sucked in and then sighed and said "Oh my, that's different" I said "good different?", ahe nodded and I put the other one on for her.
She is not that differently built than me, Slightly shorter, Slightly smaller chested but has dark hair and dark brown nips, I keep mine shaved bald as requested and she only shaves her bikini line, After I put the second clamp on she said "Uh...So obviously you are ok touching?", I said "Pffft, You're my cousin, It's fine" and reached over grabbing her b*** and shaking it, We giggled and I said "I'm not gonna go down on you but touching is nothing", She shrugged and nodded and we carried on, I said "Do you wanna?" motioning to take our pants off and she didn't even wait, She just whipped hers off, I was trying to make so we were facing the window as much as possible and she didn't really even seem to notice.
I looked over and said "Oh, You don't shave", She leaned over and looked and said "holy crap, You're bald", I giggled and said "Uh, Yeah, I just...I like it", I didn't want to tell her I spent over an hour in the shower perfecting it before she came or that I do it because my neighbors asked me to. she was looking right at my vag, A little awkward but she said "You have a nice v***** to shave, I don't think I would", So I leaned over and said "Why?", I had her legs spread facing the window and she ran her fingers over it, and then said "I don't know, I have this that I don't like" as she tugged on her inner l**** which are not at all big bit do stick out a little, I said "You know what, Some guys like that, I was reading about it because...Well...Mine aren't like that and I assumed they were supposed to be and more guys said they like than guys who don't" which was total crap, I never read anyhting about it but wanted her to be proud and happy to spread.
We put on a tandem show and she offered to buy my clamps so I gave them and her new toy to her and the next day she headed back home, My neighbors "Noted" me and told me it was the hottest thing they had ever witnessed and both of them got off multiple times and asked how they could repay me, I moved our conversations to cards and stood at my window nude the next night with my cards, They came to the window and I held up my first card.
Glad you enjoyed.
More? (They nod yes)
Repay? (They shrug and she starts stroking him)
Can I request? (They look at each other then both nod yes)
Lick p****? (She looks at him then at me and points to him then herself)
I shake my head no and she takes a deep breath, His eyes get wide and he runs and gets a paper, He writes:
I write back:
Her with another girl
They look at each other and she shakes her head no, I make a pouty face and write back:
Two boys?
She looks at him and he scrunches up his face and shakes his head no, I make a pouty face and write back:
What then?
They talk for a bit pointing back and forth and finally she writes:
Come over?
I write:
And they both look at each other and look a bit surprised and write back:
Oh, Maybe should stop, Thought older.
I took off my shirt and wrote back:
Up to you
I want to watch her with another girl
Lights off till then
Post note night before.
And I closed my curtains with my heart racing, I checked every night and nothing for a week until last night, There was a note in the window that read watch tomorrow night. I have done evrything I can not to touch myself in anticipation and will update tomorrow.

Jun 10, 2020

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  • Pedo...be sure your sin will find you out

  • Wow! Now I have to admit as a mom I’m appalled

    But as a h**** 48 year old woman, I don’t know who I would rather have as a neighbor. I’m guessing it would be you sweetie.

    You should go over there and join them.

    We have neighbors who we have s** with all the time. Well I watch my husband f*** my neighbor then I lick her p**** clean. You should let your neighbor f*** you so she can lick you clean. She will enjoy it. It’s amazing to watch your husband f*** another woman’s brains out.

    I’ve also had some girl to girl time with their daughter. She is a bit older than you. 19 I think. She is a lesbian and boy can she eat p****. It makes me so wet thinking about it. Any way I’m trying to get her to do a threesome with me and my hubby. Once you have had his c*** she will definitely be bi if not full blown heterosexual. Personally I’m hoping bi

    Go have fun. Make their day.

  • You want them both to go to jail? Knock it off!

  • OMG that's an incredible story! I'm so aroused.

  • I'm thinking who's dreaming here. Maybe I am dreaming I just read this. Maybe the OP was dreaming and then they woke up and wrote it or maybe they wrote it in their dream

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