Dad's wife

My dad's away at the moment working.

Yesterday his wife, I guess my step mum.. came into my room and gave me a b******, swallowed and walked out then later on yesterday night I was in bed, she came in and rode me like a g******* p*** star on her heels. This morning I woke up to a bj as I open my eyes, this time I took control and f***** her, we had s** all morning. What is going on and have I gone too far, she kind of started it and seemed to love this mornings session

She hasn't said a word and we just f***** really intense, in fact the only words she said are c** in me LOL! (which I did 5 times this morning) don't get me wrong I'm loving it, she's gorgeous but I'm confused.

Do I just go with it? I guess it stops her going else where. Also she has fake b**** which is awesome so...

I think I might just go and f*** her now and see what happens, I'm h**** after going through it in my head again, will update shortly

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