Need Gay Advice

I'm a gay 21M. One of the things I've been struggling with lately is the idea that I may be single forever. I really want a committed monogamous relationship with a good man, but I don't know how I'll ever get there. I'm divided because I don't want to be the guy who frequents gay bars and uses Grindr just to meet men, especially since I'm not about hook-ups, but I don't know how I'll meet any other gay guys naturally in my life. I don't want to make my life's goal to find a guy, but I know one just won't appear.

Are there any experienced (possibly married) gay men who know how to find good guys and take things slowly?

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  • You sound like a friend of mine. He’s in a somewhat rural area and has trouble meeting other gay men. You may need to move somewhere with a more active gay community. Don’t let any roots grow or it will be harder to leave..

  • I felt like this when I was younger (30 now). It will happen, you will meet someone.
    I wouldn't rule out gay bars and even online websites and apps, there are people who use them for hookups but there are also people who are looking for or open to more. I've had and know other guys who have met online and are in happy relationships. I wouldn't worry about it too much, you're very young.

  • Don't care idiots. My situation is the same with you. I'm 19, I'm afraid to live alone until the end of my life. But my issue is different because everyone knows me as a straight. There two great issues which I have to overcome in front of me. I don't know what I should do.

  • What a comedian.

  • Church, charities, fun runs, shooting ranges or other activities that you might like for a lifetime.

  • Q**** c***. Keep your sick thoughts and perverted desires to yourself.
    All queers should die.

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