The frat dare

I joined a frat house when I first was going to uni and I went through all the hazings and whatever they through at me. One time though we had a house tournament, or dare rather. Typical of them, we were suppose to go out and see who could have the craziest s** and bring back proof from over the break. So like twins, or your mom's bff, an old high school teacher, an orgy of babes, a fratman's sister, or the hottest pair of legs to walk this earth. I was so game but I didn't have the greatest of luck compared to some of my brothers. Rather than trying to outdo them in scale or looks I went for interesting. I didn't settle on it at first but back at home I remembered one of the neighborhood girls I use to babysit before I left, she always had this brotherly sort of crush on me. Sure enough the week I was back in town she popped by to say hi while riding her bike. Over the break we hit up a few more times, catching back up. For a fourteen year old, alot bigger than when I was last around, and she just thought it was awesome to have a college boy around. After enough time I started to make some moves, and she played ball with it. Like, she was cute but normally I wouldn't go for this, but I already was set and the more we synced the more I was into it. Eventually worked things to where I had the home alone and brought her in. Her being in my old room really set things up, and after some fooling around I hit the score. And let me tell you something, that was just so out of this world. And as a special treat I got a few different recordings. But like wow . We still went some time around the neighborhood after that but nothing more happened after that. What I wouldn't have done had she been my age, things could have worked, but oh well. When I got back at uni, I took one of the clips to my score, sort of proud only because she really was something else. But get this, I still fell short of the win. Apparently a fling with an old babysitting job doesn't compare to f****** your sister and her bff or hooking up with the one of the biggest babes on campus. Ain't nothin, what happened back in town was victory enough

Jun 21, 2020

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