No diploma

I have no success in jobs and it because I don’t have a diploma. Now I had a job before that paid decent 11.00 hr. But I lost it because I got sick in the hospital for a week and couldn’t call in so the job let me go even when I explained what happened I had the job for a year. And not it’s been a year science I had a job and I feel bad about it. I’m 20 and I didn’t finish high school. I was homeless and moving around a lot and I had a bad home life . So idk what to do.

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  • Get off your ass fast food always hires. And dont you couldnt call the hospitals have phones in every room there u worthless piece of s***

  • I know what you can do. Get off the computer. And find some to do like. Get a job and pay bills

  • Learn to spell. get a life. take responsibility.

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