Totally can relate to all of these postings

I can totally relate to the daddy girl/princess postings. I have been with my husband eleven years married for six. We each have an adult child from a previous marriage. My problem is the fact his little wannabee princess is 32 years old, has four kids by three different baby daddies. The lovely scumboy she is with now has two previous kids. We gave them my old car two years ago. His little wannabee never paid a bill a day in her life. Therefore lost her car for driving with no license. I think they took out a title loan myself. They have a two year old baby and live in motels. They use the state welfare system to their advantage and move from place to place. Neither one can hold down a job and they do drugs. She is always asking my husband for cash. He will not give it to her and she cuts me down. I told him if she does it one more time we are done. I will not take her crap anymore. Sick of it. My husband is retired. I hope she ends up in jail where she belongs. Her other three kids live with their father and she is not allowed to see them. Maybe they will have a chance. If you like to troll postings do not bother on this one because I do not want your insight.

Jun 22, 2020

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