In love with my Son

My son Robert is 21 and I am 42 year old widow. 3 years ago my husband died. I wish I could say I loved him but I didn't. I was a virgin when we married, I respected him and he was a good man. I never cheated, but never had and o***** with him. He was not really into s** 2 times a year was alot and after he died I discovered he was gay.

The day after his father's death, my son turned 18 and we became lovers. He seduced me and opened a new world of sexual satisfaction and pleasure for me. His p**** is incredibly beautiful and large 8 inches, his father's was 4 inches. It hurt the first time with Robert as I had not had s** in a 18 months it was like being a virgin again. I don't feel any guilt about this, as my late husband lied about his true nature our entire marriage.

I had never given oral to my late husband or had a*** s** with him. I was a virgin in both and freely gave both to my Robert. He taught me so much about s** I never knew. He also impregnated me in that first month. Everyone believes it was my late husband's child.

We are so in love and can't stop have s** of some kind. The last 3 monuths have been magnificent, so much time for love making. Our daughter is 3 and now that the lockdown is over, we will move far away and live openly as a married couple.

I now want to try living bondage lifestyle 24/7 with Robert so I can surrender completely to him. His lightest touch makes me c** so hard.

Jun 22, 2020

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  • N.J.or Rhode island?

  • Its so true that s** between a mother and son is the most sensual and loving s** possible. My son and i have been lovers for 2 years now, and now we also share a bedroom so I can now love him as long and and hard as he wants.

  • When my husband died I wanted a full sexual relationship with my son I felt lonely, I tried to encourage him to have s** with me i know its very wrong morally, I purposely exposed my self to him but he was not interested,
    I explained what i wanted but no, a friend of mine had a taboo relationship with her son she told me all about it and said it is very special and satisfying.

  • Are you joking?? There are FBI and dumb cops on here reading this junk

  • Doesn't FBI stand for Fu cking Bloo dy Idiots? I know that CIA stands for Cu nts in Action.

  • I didn't know the FBI could read!

  • No there isn't

  • My son and I became lovers after his father's death. I was 40 he was 20 Sam. S** between a son and mother is the ultimate in love and extasy. No two people can be closer. The first time together Sam said I want a baby with you. I told him I'm not on the pill c** in me.

    Two months of constant s** and I was pregnant with twins a boy and girl. 23 years later we are still in love and s** addicts for incest love. At 18 our children started joining us.

    Incredible 4 way s**.

  • The heart wants what the heart wants. No human can judge you. Both of you were adults.

  • Nope! You wrong my friend. That is her child

  • You need to go to jail. You and your son. What a disgrace

  • Why should they go to jail? Won't your mother let you fu ck her? When two people love each other, it's only natural that they have a sexual relationship.

  • Well, you know what they all say.... Incest is the Best

  • I knew from the beginning that your son is a m***********

  • What is wrong with women. I be glad when God burn this earth

  • Is that the mythical Jew god?

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