Big secret

Last year my husband and i were at a bar and we got a hotel next door so we didn’t have to drive. We got really drunk and I remember this guy hitting on me at the bar. I told him i was married and my husband was in the bathroom
But he didn’t care.
He hing around all night even talks to my husband like he was best friends but whenever my husband back was turned he would flirt with me.
I should if told my husband but said nothing. Which looking back made him more bold.
Yes he was cute and i guess thats part if the reason I wasn’t so upset with the guy.
My husband got really drunk so this man helped me get him to out room.
He talked me into going back to bar and i did.
Next thing I remember was being in his truck with him pulling my pants down.
I was blacking out some cause I don’t remember anything much till my pants came off.
I remember telling him I needed to go to my room and then something about being out in the parking lot like we would get caught.
I said we would be quick and I remember him f****** me.
He helped me back to my room and left.
I never told my husband
And no guys i was too drunk i did not enjoy it.
My husband and i bith had bad hangover the next day and i was sore and had come all over me.
I don’t remember all of it
I felt like i neen f***** all night

Jun 22, 2020

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  • Sexy lady , very hot .

  • Wow! Hot story. Too bad you were so drunk. Sounds like you had an amazing night.

    Soooo jealous

  • You ought to go out again this time only pretend to drink as much as hubby... let him pass out and you enjoy!

  • Too bad you were too drunk to either push him away or enjoy it. Your husband doesn't need to know it!

  • Re read your story..mmm love a hot wife like you...

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