Discovering I was bi hugely improved my life

I hadn't really thought about it much; it was just one of those "off limits" things I grew up with. I liked women, so I was fine.

But after my divorce, I was pretty messed up. I watched a lot of p***, and stumbled into a MMF threesome on pornhub. (Thank you pornhub!) It was so f****** hot! Everyone doing everyone. So I started watching more bi and gay videos.

Then I got sent for some training out of town... before I went, I started imagining "I could get a gay hookup." I ended up getting three different ones while I was there, and two of them were fantastic! Blow-jobs only, but so, so good. And I discovered I f****** love sucking c***, even if I wasn't that good at it.

I came home, and for a while I just watched p***. But... it's not like the real thing. Eventually, I gave into my desires and started hooking up. And that was good.

I'm not super out yet, but I have a couple of buds I sleep with pretty regularly. And I'm seeing a girl I met at work, too... not really fully dating, but company and s**. I'm going to have to figure out how to tell her, because no way am I giving up bi s**. That's the one complication.

But I f****** LOVE being bi. It's like the door to my heart opened and love spilled out.

Jun 29, 2020

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  • My wife is Bi ... and she would love to find a woman like you. I am completely okay with that

  • I'm straight but am very happy for you. Enjoy!!!

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