A prayer to Satan

This is my prayer for today:

Old Gods, Demons of H***,
My Lord Satan and Lilith my mistress,
I open my heart and offer my soul.
Give to me the pleasures of the world,
the joys of f******, and every indulgence;
grant me courage to seize the day
and fulfill my desires.

Give me wisdom to avoid bad consequences
while working your wills and drinking
the delicious nectar of wickedness;
help me to deepen my sin each day,
and lead others to your joyous path.

Protect me from YHWH the pretender,
shrinker of c**** and dryer of c****,
he who gives nothing
but rides his worshippers like a leech.
Help me drink deeply of this life,
and serve you in pleasure in H***.

For yours are the old ways,
the ways of the beast —
to live naked under the stars,
feasting and f******, revelling;
loving all and loving life:
that is your call.

And yours is the wisdom,
and the power, and the glory,
on Earth as it is in H***.

Jun 30, 2020

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  • Satan is the true Lord God. I love Him with my entire being. I pray in the darkness of night to Him naked and while masturbating. Because of this, I achieve the most remarkable & magnificent o******! My desire is to be with His demons and become demonized once in H***. Hail Satan forever!

  • Rotten to the core!

  • There are MANY more out here who do the same! Much more than people think! SATAN IS GOD!


  • Everyone with any sense should do the same thing! HAIL SATAN!

  • I hail Satan as God, Father and my Master. I surrendered my soul to the Devil on October 2012 and my entire being and life has changed for the good. HAIL SATAN!

  • Good for you! I join you in doing the same thing! I reject jesus, jehovah, and the so-called "holy ghost!" F--- them all! I bow only to Satan!

  • 666 the mark of the beast. REPENT NOW! before its too late

  • No! Money

  • Revenge! Make me stronger all the time.... Somebody join me.

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