Wifes Foot Slave

The details of when aren't important but we do this all the time, usually weekly, it used to be daily before kids. I love my wife's feet. The look, shape, curves, feel and the smell, especially the smell. In addition, I also like feeling her weight on my stomach while I smell her feet. I'm sure it must mean something, I just know I like it for whatever reason. I don't know if its a sense of power or control over me but she seems to like doing it, lucky me. Neither one of us is the dominate one in the relationship, we just tend to agree or disagree on things, so this isn't about who's in charge.

Yesterday (June 2020) when my wife got home from work I was already home. The kids were spending the night with the grandparents and I knew we would be alone for the evening, that was the perfect opportunity so I took advantage of it, I usually do. I laid my mat and pillow out in the den floor in front of the tv. She saw it and immediately knew what I wanted. With a grin she said "I see you scheming in there", I gave her sad puppy dog eyes and shrugged my shoulders and she replied "ok.... ok, give me a few minutes, I'm coming". I laid on the mat on my back, head toward the tv and waited on her with the tv remote in one hand and her phone in the other, (just thinking ahead).

She came in the room and sat down on my stomach, looked down at me, kissed her index finger and touched it to my lips. I handed her the remote and she found her usual on the tv. I then bend my knees putting my feet flat on the floor, she slips a pillow in behind her, sits back, adjusting herself to sit in the soft middle of my stomach, it immediately begins to throb as her weight sinks deep into it and she gets comfortable. Pushing her shoes off toe to heel, they drop to the floor and she brings both of her feet to my face. Resting the soles of her feet on my chin, spreads her toes around my nose. Wearing nylons for the third consecutive day, my sense of smell is completely overpowered by her pungent foot odor. Keeping my nostrils covered by the nylon webbed space under her toes, she gently rubs as I smell her feet. The moist nylon, sticky with her sweat, begins to release its cling from her skin as she continuously rubs. As I breathe in, it pulls cool air in between her toes and she begins to relax from a long day at work.

After about an hour she takes her feet off of my face and sits up, looking down at me says "I'm getting Hungry". By now I have started to sweat a little and my breath is shallow from her sitting on my stomach for so long. She gets up and steps back into her shoes and goes to the kitchen. Soon she brings back a plate of warmed up leftovers and a glass of wine kept cool in the fridge. She sits back down on my stomach, puts the glass on the floor, kicks her shoes off and crosses her legs sitting Indian style. Holding the plate and eating, she periodically feeds me a bite. Finishing the food and wine, gets back up leaving the plate in the sink and pouring another glass of wine.

When she comes back in the room, she sits the glass down on the floor next to me, reaches under her skirt and takes off her pantyhose. Having a little bit of a buzz, she sits back down on my stomach, brings her feet back to my face and picks the glass up. I start kissing and licking the bottom of her feet as she sips her glass and sinks back down into my stomach. After a while realizing she must be getting heavy, says "I know I must be killing you, I can feel your heartbeat in your stomach". I keep kissing her feet and let her nearly 200lbs sink into my stomach. As my tongue glides between her toes she sighs a little loving every second. She sits for about another hour, I sweetly suffer under her tenderly kissing her feet.

I love doing this for her, it makes for great s**, it always has, I hope we do this always. We have been married for fifteen years and have been doing this sine we were dating. Over the years I must have memorized every line, crease and wrinkle in the bottom of her feet, I know where all of her sensitive spots are and she loves it.

Jul 1, 2020

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  • That's a long time to let her sit on your stomach (2 Hours). I frequently sit on my husbands stomach the same way. I seldom wear the same hosiery more than once without rinsing them out, especially in June, Whew!
    We use honey in our foot play. After he smells my feet for a while, I drizzle honey on the tips of my toes and he sucks them clean. I use the honey between my toes and on the bottoms of my feet as well and sit on him as he licks them clean, it feels wonderful, especially after spending all day in flats. I have told a few of my friends about Mike's foot fetish, a couple thought it was strange and a couple more were jealous, all I can say to them is they have no idea what they are missing. If they ever had their man do that for them, they would love it.

  • Love it!

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