Different celebrations

My husband and I will celebrate our second wedding anniversary in about three weeks. But I have been celebrating my femininity and my sexuality this whole time. I have been doing that by cheating on my husband with different men. There have been maybe 8 to 10 of them in total, but literally hundreds of sessions. I don't love my husband any less because of it, and I don't feel bad for cheating: I am just one of those women who need a lot of attention and a lot of action. I just need to get this s*** HIT often. And when I say "hit", I really mean hard, like "pounded". My husband has no idea that I cheat. But he also has no idea how to satisfy me. I am happier for the outside activity and I honestly believe that it makes me a better wife. I have a girlfriend (who also plays around) who swears that infidelity preserves a marriage. I think that's true. Like most women, I just LOVE to f***, and I'm not slightly ashamed of it.

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  • I don’t mess around but I love watching my hubby pound my best friend.

    Been married 24 years and been watching him BANG my best friend for 14 years.

  • You're a piece of s***.

  • I would love to hear this kind of stuff from my wife🤤

  • Wish my wife was like you

  • Can you ask him for an open relationship? All the fun and none of the risk!

  • Where's the fun in that? There's a chance of getting caught this way and then I have an opportunity to have a defensive howling fantod about how "high-maintenance" I am, which is a very admirable quality in a woman. He's already got surprise herpes. I wonder what else I'm harboring in my cavernous cootch?

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