Love and Gas

My wife is pretty, and lovable but.... she farts a lot, particularly during lovemaking. It seems to happen more in the standard missionary position but isn't much better in other positions. I'm a good man and good husband with normal sexual needs. It's getting so I dread lovemaking even though I want lovemaking. Sometimes it is like a stinky symphony in the bedroom. Forget any oral lovemaking too. I'm not poking my face down there without a gas mask.

Jul 10, 2020

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  • Send her to me, ill eat her out while her ass sings me a song, ill f*** her stupid while she farts away,

  • Butt plug?

  • Don't waste time. See the good doctor. Its not a big deal for doctor to cure her problem

  • I've had that happen too, not as much as you though. Probably embarrassing for her so you just need to adjust your thoughts and be supportive and loving so she doesn't learn to dread s**. It'll save you from having to explain to a judge the reason you are seeking a divorce. How could he be expected to maintain decorum and a serious face?

  • ...You think this is a serious confession??

  • People around here are very easily led.

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