I'm only 15 and I'm already a fat lazy pig.

Ok so bascally I'm only 15 and I'm already 320 pounds. I have to be homeschooled Im so fat. I literaly almost take up a entire two seat sofa. My fat also jiggles every time I walk. My mom atepts to homeschool me but I cant retain any of the info. I cant even do multipacatoin or divson anymore. I bascally have no grammar skills. And my speling is horible. I only sit on my ass all day eating Junk food. I never help out in the house. I never walk over a hunerd km a day. I wish I wasnt so fat and lazy. And that I was smat. Thats all.

Jul 10, 2020

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  • WTF are multipacatoin and divson?

  • Fat is just the past tense of fit

  • Fat women should wear burkas. Skinny beautiful women in short skirts.

  • Get off your fat overweight a*** you lazy b**** and get some f****** exercise !!!!

  • I weight 290 lbs and 18 and have been home schooled by my mother. She is also into young fat girls and has been sexually with me since I was 6. She taught me to m********* at 7. To this day I'm constantly fingering myself. I want a life, and to try s** with a guy, but she made me sexually dependent on her. Mom's mouth and tongue is incredible, oral from her makes me squirt. When we 69 or f*** with our double ended d****, I forget the world and live for her touch.

    I'm so f***** up. BTW, Mom's body and face are like a models. And she always under me during 69. She loves my weight on her body.

  • We really restrict our families food. Skinny near anorexic is great

  • If you’re a guy then you’re screwed. If you’re a girl then you can be a fat s*** for a sugar daddy. Hope is not lost

  • Welp Im a girl

  • And my speling is horible. You got that right!

  • I'll pray for you 🙏

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