I'm only 15 and I'm already a fat lazy pig.

Ok so bascally I'm only 15 and I'm already 320 pounds. I have to be homeschooled Im so fat. I literaly almost take up a entire two seat sofa. My fat also jiggles every time I walk. My mom atepts to homeschool me but I cant retain any of the info. I cant even do multipacatoin or divson anymore. I bascally have no grammar skills. And my speling is horible. I only sit on my ass all day eating Junk food. I never help out in the house. I never walk over a hunerd km a day. I wish I wasnt so fat and lazy. And that I was smat. Thats all.

Jul 10, 2020

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  • I have 2 daughters and they are the same one is 14 and weighs 220lbs the other is 16 and weighs 360lbs. They are lazy, spoiled, and entitled. Two years ago I took them to Disney and all they did was complain that they had to walk and that I didn't buy them everything the looked at... Never again will I do something like that....Their mom is a big fat pig as well and she has to be over 600lbs at this point. I divorced the fat slob 7 years ago because she was a lazy fat pig and I caught her s******* around on me. Since then she has been a neglectful mother and let's our children just do as they please. They eat junk food all day and lay around doing nothing and it's all on my court ordered dime...Since the pandemic they have not attended school. It's not really their fault as it's been a remote learning situation but I don't think either of them have learned a thing other than how to stuff themselves and play video games. I've tried to teach them good eating habits but they don't live with me and everything I do gets undone by their fat b**** of a mother. My oldest now has a boyfriend and he's a fat video game playing pig too. He must weigh 400lbs if he is an ounce... How and why do kids today let themselves get so fat and slovenly? In my day being a fat pig was akin to social suicide. Today half the kids are fat f**** and the ones that aren't, are just lucky because they are unfit and out of shape. It's a bad situation and it doesn't look like a very bright future for these fat kids.

  • WTF are multipacatoin and divson?

  • Fat is just the past tense of fit

  • Fat women should wear burkas. Skinny beautiful women in short skirts.

  • Get off your fat overweight a*** you lazy b**** and get some f****** exercise !!!!

  • I weight 290 lbs and 18 and have been home schooled by my mother. She is also into young fat girls and has been sexually with me since I was 6. She taught me to m********* at 7. To this day I'm constantly fingering myself. I want a life, and to try s** with a guy, but she made me sexually dependent on her. Mom's mouth and tongue is incredible, oral from her makes me squirt. When we 69 or f*** with our double ended d****, I forget the world and live for her touch.

    I'm so f***** up. BTW, Mom's body and face are like a models. And she always under me during 69. She loves my weight on her body.

  • We really restrict our families food. Skinny near anorexic is great

  • If you’re a guy then you’re screwed. If you’re a girl then you can be a fat s*** for a sugar daddy. Hope is not lost

  • Welp Im a girl

  • Well then you are fine... There are lots of weird guys out there that like a big fat dumb chicks. Just bend over and hope that the fat loving dumbass plowing you doesn't mind the smell.

  • And my speling is horible. You got that right!

  • I'll pray for you 🙏

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