What"s wrong?

For weeks now I been getting the same screen over and over and over here every time I log on here. I can't post or comment or nothing. Is it me? Is it my computer? Did I do something wrong? What up, yo ?

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  • I've had some of the same issues, and while I'm certainly no IT expert, they strike me as being related to software. They are likely all repairable, but not by a provider who seems to treat this as a part-time endeavor. Or as though it's a hobby. That will never work out in a positive way for the end-user --- you and me and the OP --- because it never has done. I wish you all the best.

  • It's the person who runs this site. They just vanish for weeks at a time. A pity because it could be a really great site but it's s***.

  • I totally agree. This place could be such a treat. Instead it's just a horrid mess.

  • True. It is very poorly run. just lazy management and incredibly sloppy administration. Sad, really.

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