She changed me,

So as a military Veteran I have always had very short hair. I was married for 20yrs. After my divorce i decided i would pursue only women with open minds sexually.
Long story short I met a great lady. As it turned out she had a single policy of getting sum every six mths or so, which was a turn from the women i knew, AKA less then 10 partners comparted to her????
She asked me to grow my hair hair as my short hair made her friends nervous that i was a narc. I saw it in the light that i always wanted my women to have long hair, so i let it grow.
Now it is longer. It is past my shoulders, and curling. She keeps kissing me more and putting her hands though it.
As a survivor of 4th cancer her hair is thin, so i thought this was normal.
Last night in bed she came up behind me....
I felt her start to rub her normal almost bald p**** against me.. the hairs tickling my backside. Then her hand with nails from my b**** across my newly waxed ass, up my back to my hair. Pulling my long hair she says. Now turn and help......
I turn and there is a harness she is putting on! This is now not a choice! She grabs my hair guiding me to help her put it on!
She instructs me to put on lipstick! This horrified me and pleased me...
As i put the lipstick on I realized her plan. So i did as required, I licked and rubbed my lipstick all over what she had ready for me!
Handing me a pillow, telling me put it under your back.
She lifted my legs........I felt the hardness against my dark rosebud!
OOOHHH>>> it hurt!!!
She said you know you want it sissy s***! I just wanted to see your face as i started!
NOW turn over!
I did as i was told!
Feeling her enter me again hurt even more i let out a scream that i would normally ever heard!
Her hands grab my long hair.. with the words...
Now you are my b****, take it; as she rammed my tight ass...Her hands pulling my hair as she rammed me.... I dug my head into the pillow as i flet the pain, and it turned into pleasure and then realizing how the relationship had just changed!
The pain was hard more was the pain of her pulling my hair!!!
Then it happened........ I started to c**.... I didn't know she had put something under.
She handed me a pantie liner. I asked her what is this for, her reply was, you are now a GURL, and have to protect your nice clothes you will now always wear. One must leave your lover dry and clean. Next time i will be checking for his in the pad when you come home.

Jul 12, 2020

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