My beautiful wife has grey hair

It's been 30 years with her and I know that I'm the luckiest man to have her as my wife. She is the sweetest woman I know and I really enjoy the warm hugs I get while smelling her grey hair and she smells fantastic.
I remember her having thick and long black hair too silky that I would often disturb her by fondling her hair.
Over the time her hair got a less silky and the density kept gradually decresing. The last decade or so I noticed that her hair started to turn grey only on a few patches. I cried from the inside each time I saw a new strand I've also encouraged her to color her hair but she doesn't like them colored.
I thought for myself, in order to get her hair colored I need her to make miss being the young woman, once she was and I played my cards well I guess that she might color her hair back.

Sep 2

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  • Is the hair on her v***** turning grey?

  • YES

  • I don't mean she is unattractive I still like her but I have also been sharing her with a young guy and I was thinking of exploring more of that

  • I’m 21 and willing. How can we meet up?

  • Hey if you don’t want her.

    I’m 21 got a nine inch c*** and I love older women. They are amazing lovers. I got caught f****** my GF’s fifty year old mom back on Christmas break in 2019. Mrs Cotton and I have been knocking boots ever since.

    This summer I hooked up with my parents neighbor, Mrs Andrea. Mrs Andrea is 56 with an amazing body. I mean her b****** are a bit floppy but she has a plump ass and a fire red bush with silver highlights.

    Mrs Cotton and Mrs Andrea are amazing lovers. Much better than the girls I hook up with at school. Just thinking about those two ladies makes me so f****** hard.

    Let me know if your wife wants to f*** a man that will appreciate everything about her.

    You are sick for wanting her to cover up her beautiful gray

  • I will f*** her right in front of you. She is mine

  • I absolutely don't mind at all

  • If that’s the case! Where do you live. I’ll be there tomorrow

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