My best friend

Playing video games one Saturday my buddy kept calling me gay and making b****** jokes. Well I noticed threw his his PJs a bulge, every joke making it bigger. I kept looking at it time and time, he caught me.. like what you see he asked.. I've never seen another d*** except mine. I don't know yet you seem pretty happy wanna let me see ii.. so he reached threw his PJs and pulled out his hard c***.. wanna suck it he asked... I got up and locked his door. I walked in front of him knelt down grasping his shaft stroking him I leaned over putting my lips around the head of his c*** rubbing my tongue like I was making out with someone slowly pushing down trying to deep throat him.. slowly coming up for air I felt a little c** shoot out. I bobbed faster licking faster. I felt his and on the back of my head as he started c****** so I deepthroated him again and felt his warm c** shoot down my throat, oh man he came alot I gulped three times and still after I slowly worked up the the tip I had to gulp two times more before it was all gone... I kept sucking a little bit more like I enjoy when my girlfriend gives me head.. feel better I asked him as I went to my seat, best bj ever so good I'm going to return the favor.. he knelt down I pulled out my d*** and he returned the favor... We played a few more rounds of our game then he asked if he could stick his d*** in my ass.. doesn't it hurt ,, at first he replied but I'll be slow and gentle I've got lube too .. sure I guess t got up dropping my pants and underwear and laid down on his bed he lubed up and got on top his d*** rubbing down my crack as he spread apart my cheeks his warm c*** pressed into my a******. Slowly he pushed through my sphincter and boom he slipped all the way inside.. it felt amazing he slowly pulling out the back in.. I had no idea it would feel so good now I'm pushing back faster please.. his b**** bouncing against mine I came twice almost a third time the boom he slammed into my grabbing my waist pulling me closer warm c** shooting inside me.. slowly he kept working in and out I could feel his c*** getting limper and limper until he pulled out... After I got out of shock.. he bent over the bed and said your turn...

Jul 12, 2020

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