Trans insanity

I had NO problem with q****/lesbian/gay/whatever people or culture EVER. H*** I even had my fun back in my 20's ( am 48 now ) but what the f*** has happened to kids these days? I am a step father to a 14 year old girl who has changed her name 4 times this year and insists she is a boy and all her friends are the same and society is 100% behind all this and is recommending hormone therapy and Testosterone asap instead of sorting out mental/emotional health problems that increasing amounts of kids these days are facing. With the pressures of constantly being monitored by each other on social media and the general state of the world ( that they all know about due to internet ) it's no wonder they are so incredible stressed. I would hate to be growing up in these times. BUT I think how it's being handled is nothing short of f****** insane. If you even MENTION anything other than what the kid wants you are yelled at as transphobic etc. It's horrible.

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  • God transphobes are awful people, love and accept your SON for who HE wants to be. He's figuring himself out and is trying to decide on a name, it can be hard to come up with one when you have people not there to support you. be happy that he hasn't ended up hanging from a rope because he's scared of how you don't accept him. I'm glad he has good friends who seem to love and support them. And I support him too

  • There's something really wrong with all you people.

  • The only thing wrong with us people is you and people like you. Full of hate and anger. You cant let ppl do what they want and be who they are. No you are a whiny little b**** who hates every person who is different from you because you hate yourself. Deal with it. Get over it. You can always leave the planet. You dont have to deal with ppl who are different from you.

  • Nobody don't want to deal with this gay propaganda

  • Im soooooooo glad i raised my children off grid. i dont trust no human being.

  • Is your mom still as nasty as she used to be?

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  • Yes sooo stupid. People have mental illness and the leftist liberal pieces of s*** make it worse.

  • Hi! shut the f*** up before i steal your teef!

  • You sir, have done us a favor. The effects of the media, instant over-communication via electronic devices and a host of other influences have precipitated and over-influenced the developmental process. The rush to support and advocate for somebody who is feeling different as their sexual thoughts develop is not psychologically helpful. Teenage angst has now turned into support groups who push kids into thinking they need to declare and practice a sexuality that may not truly define the person they are becoming. To compound the situation, everyone with a facebook account thinks they are an expert and rushes to be "supportive" to someone else and their feelings when those feelings have not been fully worked out and internalized. Dear world, slow done and don't rush in to support what is not, developmentally, the whole story. Be kind and good of course, but don't rush in. Let a teenager experience the real world and it's grand opportunities before setting their identity in stone.

    And may I also add that the bottomless need for widespread attention can really bite you in the butt down the line, as evidence has already begun to show. Remember that it's SOP now to dredge up the tiniest little thing, no matter how far back in time, if you want to torpedo someone. Telling the world how much you "need" to cut now could very well kill your chances of that sweet promotion 20 years from now. What, you think that kind of thing only happens to Harvey Weinstein?

  • He doesn't have a "trans child". He has an overindulged teen egoist who can't stand not being the center of everyone's attention. Eventually, these drama queens--- be they male or female --- will discover (1) that the planet does not revolve around them and the rest of its inhabitants don't care what they claim to be or what name they call themselves or what clothes they wear or what they do with their genitalia, and (2) that we are all very sick and tired of hearing them talk about it endlessly. Enough already.

  • Congratulations you're an a******. I can't stand parents who refuse to try and understand what their trans children are going through. Try being a real father for once.

  • Lmao. Wtf. Trans isn’t real. It’s a mental illness. D*** or p****. Born with it that’s what ya got. Can’t pick. You f***** your kids head up if you tell them you can. Mental ill ass people out here lmao😂😂😂

  • What the actual f***? this isn't a mental illness you piece of s***, respect trans people for who they are!

  • What theFUCKis wrong with you? All you can do is post that krap. Can you do research on your computer and look up facts. Are you a DNA or chromosome nut job? Do you think something hanging down between your legs or in between your legs tells you who you are? That is just skin and tissue, it's your brain that tells you who you are and who you are attracted to numb nuts. I am a man and I know that I am attracted to women. Real women not imitation ones! Look at yourself and use the same thought process and tell us who you are. One question for you what about hermaphrodites? Real hermaphrodites are born with parts of both s ex's and usually neither work. Who are they and what are they attracted to. Doctors used to ask the parents when they are born. You want a boy or girl? Then surgery happened. Now they wait to see what the child's brain develops as boy or girl.

  • Thank you for supporting the trans community <3

  • Who are you???. Are you a parent??? How about you mind your business and shut your freaking mouth. Be responsible for your own children. You are not paying the bills here. When your children are grown. You are not a parent no more. They don't don't belong to you. You need to talk to God about that anger you have. You Americans always trying to control other people thoughts.

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  • And you show your education well. You can't spell the word no, as in no brains!

  • I wonder when we will see parents putting their young boys in dresses

  • My mother loves and accepts me for liking to womens clothing, so f*** you for thinking it makes any less of a person

  • Why did you post that? Now we will see all the PEDO's posting their fantasies about mommy and daddy putting them in a dress and using them them like that idiot below.

  • Look below comment

  • I am a boy 14 My step parents put me in Sexy girls clothes with panties When they have parties I also wear wig wow all sorts things get done to me by their friends

  • BullShitt pure krap If I came to anyones house and saw that the police and child services would be called in a heartbeat. You are so full of it. Stop the pedoSHIT youFuckedUP A$$wipee.

  • I LOVE boys wearing panties can I be a friend?

  • Soon I hope, panties too!

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  • FUCKyouPEDO you are an old man pretending to be a boy. You are the lowest of slime.

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  • When they slow down posting the new confessions is when the paedo commenters get busy

  • Yep, this place is turning into a disaster area. It's sad, really.

  • "Turning into"? You need to pay better attention to datestamps.

  • Yeah i'm done with it. no more checking in at supper time every day. maybe I'll read books instead.

  • This is what democrats and political correctness are doing to this country and even worse now they want to do away with the police, God have mercy on this country in the years ahead

  • LOL! You think this only a Dem thing? You are so very wrong. Repubs do exactly the same thing, they just lie like rugs denying it and are even more twisted than the Dems. At least the Dems are out in the open and having fun. It's almost enough to want to change party affiliations, but that's never gonna happen. Both need to be dismantled. But then how will sweet little brainless tw@ts like you know who to whine about?

  • Democrats are hypocrites, but they have fun doing it.

    Republicans are hypocrites, but they give themselves heart attacks having ragefits against people who are doing what they themselves want to do. And then when they get caught doing the thing, they burst into tears.

    Both sides are stuffed with mental babies.

  • Not just one country the world, the younger generation wants to do what they want, how they want , when they want and no accountability, me,me,me,me a bunch of overgrown babies

  • That was too often the case already, but yeah, this bunch really takes it to another level,, and expects validation for it too

  • Yes things are looking bleak in this old world are they not....... schlippidy schlapp schlopp

  • Yes, constantly screaming and blaming everyone who isn't us is working out SO well, isn't it...

  • All this chatter about queerfolk is such a waste of important internet space. Dump it.

  • They are all just craving attention they should all just be ignored thats what they all deserve

  • My oldest son (now 17) decided he was "meant to to be a girl three years back. He wanted to start wearing dresses. Thankfully his school had rules against thatclothing in contradiction of a student's birth certificate stated gender. He tried to sneak out a few times in girls' attire, but I spanked him. And explained I was not going to let him be that kind of example for his two younger brothers. I had to spank him a total of five times before he stopped trying. He got the message and so did his brothers. Corporal punishment is unpopular these days,but it works.

  • You think you smacked the women out of him? I bet when he is free from you he will move far away and start his life over as a women. If you all would stop and think who you are! For the most part of you, you will see yourself as the gender you are and your know thats the gender you are! You could not even think of being the opposite gender. He has probably seen himself as a women all his life. Thats because his brain is wired that way. Call it a birth defect if you want. But science has proven that people can be born with the opposite gender brain. They can study the brain under a cat scan and EEG together. Women's brain have a larger reproductive section then males. Thats what they are seeing in gender dysphoria. The reproduction section of our brains tell us who we are and who we are attracted to. Thats not a choice but instinct in our brains just as a baby will automatically attach their mouth to a breast and start suckling all by themselves.

    But there are some who are confused or stuck fantasying about being the opposite gender however it is very rare in children. That comes in adulthood. True she-males either don't want sexual reassignment surgery because or the possibility of reduced ability to achieve an o***** due to the surgery as scar tissue and nerve separation can occur. Or they can't afford it!

    If your son does come out as a women don't shun him or should say her.

  • Spanking fuuft. It's a fantasy post.

    I totally get that some parents are aghast and t the other extreme, some trendy parents (my wife included) will try to dress boys as girls. But this sort of post is just w*** material.

  • Love boys dressed as little girls

  • It makes them nice and hard like riley kilo. Nobody c*** like riley. She is the perfect little girl. i love her totally. So much girl. So much s****.

  • All that is only IF their son comes out as a womAn. (FFS, if you are going to be pedantic, learn how to spell!!) The vast majority of kids who are utterly convinced they're "trapped in the wrong body" are merely confused, hormonal, desperate for attention, and desperate to be just like everybody else even though they think they're unique.

    We await your condescending screed about THAT part of this topic. Oh wait, it will never come. Because "allies" like you would rather eat broken glass than admit there's any downside to the trans trend. Perhaps your time would be better spent learning proper English.

  • It is not that I support the trans part. Just that the facts are scientifically proven that in gender dysphoria and homosexuality it is not a choice in some people that are going down those roads.
    Harrowing statistics from a study recently published by the American Academy of Pediatrics revealed alarming levels of attempted suicide among transgender youth -- with the highest rates among transgender boys and non-binary youth. The findings emphasize the urgency of building welcoming and safe communities for LGBTQ young people, particularly for transgender youth.

    More than half of transgender male teens who participated in the survey reported attempting suicide in their lifetime, while 29.9 percent of transgender female teens said they attempted suicide. Among non-binary youth, 41.8 percent of respondents stated that they had attempted suicide at some point in their lives.
    Thats an afoul amount of suicide attempts for kids who you claim are pretending or fantasizing about it. Is seems that it would be easier to act like a normal child than try to kill themself's. For them to put up with all the negative response's and bullying and stand by their believes screams proof that they see themselves as that gender. Sorry if I have grammar or spelling mistakes as I'm not a writer.

  • Most mistakes are autocorrect that this site does as I have shut mime down. But since you seem to be a real typist. When I went to school only girls had typing class A$$wipe Boys went to metal shop.

  • They are all about the drama. That is ALL they care about. "Look at me! I'm unique! I am a snowflake! I am to be treasured because I'm so different! Love me! Value me! Appreciate my differences! "

    I want to beat each of them in their own special way. God help us all!

  • If he truly feels in his bones he is a woman then nothing will stop him of course. Otherwise he he Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria :

  • Yep. Spanking is frowned upon by society (they say its a crime!) but its still effective.

  • I spank my wife. Such a turn on. For me. She hates it but believes she should submit. Works for both of us.

  • It can be, it depends on the situation and the kid

  • It's a trend. F***** California

  • Go back to Fox News, MAGATard

  • Shut your ignorant mouth fool, this is much more widespread than that

  • Do you think I should buy my little boy a dress?

  • If he's a f** then the answer is "yes".

  • Yes

  • How old is he?

  • 27 years old

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  • America is DOOMED!

  • America is doomed for so many reasons. Extremists on both sides of the aisle screeching at each other all the time is a big part of it.

  • Nah, America just needs more trannies

  • No not more.they all are sickfucksacks. Damn

  • Please Burn, i will be happy

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  • I vote for more trannies, too. More of them, and meaner and nastier.

  • For many reasons besides this one, yes

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  • This ain't just America There are Britts that talk about wearing knickers and taking it up the A$$

  • True dat!!

  • Shut up british

  • Speak only when you have something intelligent to say

  • I get it im14 a girl and I feel like kids my age feel the need to be different so they do this crazy s*** and parents allow it like we don't know the long term effects of letting kids change this early

  • There are so many ways to "be different". Why is it always centered around s3x, and why is it always what everyone else is doing? Isn't that kinda sorta the EXACT FVCKING OPPOSITE of "being different"?

    That has always been a teenager thing, but these days the entitled shrieking has been militarized. It starts early (*four-year-olds* are supposedly dialed in to their sexuality?!! Uh, it doesn't work that way...) and never lets up. The already biting society in the butt and it is going to get worse. Have fun with that.

    You don't know what you are until both body AND mind are done developing, which isn't until around age 25. Until then you are exploring and making mistakes and that is fine. The snotty demanding attitude that comes along with those mistakes is NOT, and is why more adults won't listen to you, aside from the fact that you have no life experience and even less ability to assess situations correctly.

  • I understand I have very little life experience but you adults need to realize that other children who are around children who say they are lgbtq+ should have a input because we have a better grip on the mindset then y'all . It's a new culture we deal with things that y'all didn't have to. I shouldn't be scared to go to sleep or be on sleeping pills because I have vivid nightmares of my school being shot up. 8 times the past year my school has went into lock down or been threatened to be shot up. I shouldn't have to deal with the panic attacks and the worries of did I tell my mom I love her every time the walkie talkie fizzes or the intercom beeps. I miss valuable class time to go over lockdown practice. And all this because the adults won't listen to the kids when we tell you that we know

  • We're had our horrors too. Don't think your that unique. You're being pampered so much you being led to believe your gen is the only ones. Suck it up.

  • I know y'all had s*** too but you can't tell me you feared school because you know there is at least three kids that are one name calling away from bringing in daddys gun

  • Were you there when we were in school? No, you were not. And while shootings didn't happen nearly as often, violence and terror and global threats were still daily realities. I'm a girl, and *I* nearly brought in Daddy's gun a few times. So, to remind you once yet again stupid child...

  • I never said I was special. I said we face a bigger threat I wasn't in school with you, you aren't in school with me. Kids change their tune around other people. I've seen a crazy f****** dude with a gun looking through the school windows. I know y'all had s*** and I won't understand what it was like to be a kid then, but you won't understand what it's like to be a kid now

  • "I wasn't there but *our threats are bigger*, you just don't understand" You just never, ever stop tryna be special

  • Very true but back then we got on with it now you whine and complain about everything just a bunch of spoiled babies

  • I totally agree. I started this whole post and it's not the actual trans thing that worries me. It's the fact that most of society here ( I live in New Zealand ) and around the world seems h*** bent on putting almost any kid who says they identify as a different s** on blockers or testosterone. Which I don't think is actually the compassionate thing to do because everyone over the age of , say, 25 has been there and remembers what a difficult time it was. How full of changes etc. And most of them came out pretty different to how they thought they would. And if you are altering/changing your body permanently because of how you feel as a teenager, I'm virtually 100% that most are going to regret it immensely. Some won't of course, but what this whole post is about is the fact that we as a whole should of course take everything seriously, but try to treat the mental health/anxiety/stress etc first then have a look at the sexuality.
    If you read the whole post, I do mention how incredibly hard it seems growing up in these times. Chances are if I were 14/15 at this time I too would be behaving much as you guys all do.
    The idea behind this thread is to try to get people to look at younger people more holistically instead of going straight to a trend that has got dangerously out of hand.
    I don't want a whole generation of kids growing up saying things like "HOW could you let me change myself when you KNEW it was possibly a phase and now it's affected me for life". Like I say, I don't think it's the compassionate/caring thing to do. It's a trend. Like every generation had. God knows I did. But it was mostly about clothes and what bands you listened to back in the 1980's, not what s** you were born.

  • >>I don't want a whole generation of kids growing up saying things like "HOW could you let me change myself when you KNEW it was possibly a phase and now it's affected me for life".

    Very noble, but how do you propose to do that? For one thing, you have no influence over every single person under 25. Nobody does. For another, if you want to experience a combination of End Times, Armageddon, and Friday afternoon at the DMV, say the 'N' word (= "NO") to a young person's face. Go ahead. BOOM! Bring on the shrieking, screaming, slamming of doors, "You're ruining my life!!!!!", sneaking around behind your back anyway, accusations of "abuse" and/or "neglect", etc. etc. etc.

    So. Which one's it gonna be? Daring to take a stand and telling these confused yet entitled young people to hold off on what they will swear up and down is their "dream" and "who they really are, honest"? Or will you do what too many parents do these days: indulge them and then later on catch the screed quoted at the top of this comment? Either way you're a terrible old person and the young person is a traumatized victim. If you want to play that hopelessly rigged game, go right ahead.

  • I don't think kids should change in 10 years they will be kids during parents for letting them change because it was neglect and they didn't think through what would happen. I'm not trying to play victim when I say I fear school. I've been pulled out because I can't focus on paranoid my school is threatened by other kids there because of bullying. My whole gen. is fuckked and half of it doesn't make sense to me. I think a lot of y'all read my comment wrong because I agree with all the comments I think I just came across wrong

  • >I typed fast ignore the spelling

  • I can type 85 words a minute. I make mistakes and typos, but I do this crazy thing called checking before I click Post or Send. I learned to do it *without* autocorrect, too. No more excuses for you.

  • Sorry I sent it before reading over it. I'll try and remember to do that. I've been super stressed this week my mom's been in and out of the hospital ,not a excuse for poor grammar, I've been stressed and things slip my mind. Humans make mistakes

  • I'm so stressed. There's a virus rampaging around my country that no one under 25 cares about and I don't know how I'll be able to pay the bills in six months and my spouse might have cancer, humans do make mistakes but adults own them. Clap back with some more thinly veiled victimhood, please

  • I did own it.and I'm 14 and mother is f****** on the verge of death I think I can be allowed to be stressed. I care abt the viruse I've left my house a few times and I wear a mask when I'm out wash everything when it comes inside the house

  • ^There's the thiny veiled victimhood, right on schedule ^
    LOL, keep dancing little puppet

  • Anything I say y'all will twist it to make me a spoiled b****

  • Look at your comments. That is where you are "made" into a spoiled b****. Either own it or stfu, dumba$$

  • Fvcking oxygen thief

  • Yeah I know exactly what you mean. That's why I was upset enough to start this post. Sick of getting yelled at for " miss gendering" a 14 yr old. Not "noble " at all. Just trying to be a bit reasonable. But f*** it's hard to impossibly.

  • Aw mate, reason has nothing whatsoever to do with anything socially these days. " 'Social' " media is anything but. We're able to communicate with people all over the world, like I'm doing with you right now, but most people use this amazing ability for attention grabbing. Everyone is demanding attention, but refusing to LISTEN. And none of this is going away until they learn.

  • You think the rest of the world doesn't know about shootings and panic attacks? And you did not even begin to answer the question, so your long-winded response was just an excuse to see yourselves as special somehow YET AGAIN. Your brains are not yet developed.

  • But kids in my gen and age gap face a more likely chance of being in a active shooting

  • So now it is everyone else's fault that Americans are obsessed with guns?

  • No I'm anti gun never said it was any one else's fault

  • But everyone else faces a more likely chance of catching Covid. The fact that the US is so far behind the rest of the world in reopening is because you don't care about anyone besides yourselves. Next lame argument, please :)

  • I don't care abt anyone but myself im sacrificing my friendships bc my bsf parents won't let them hang with me bc I wear a mask and they don't want them around left wing, my 8th grade year which I know sounds stupid but I've been through s*** past two years and I was really looking forward to a year with no drama, my job and all the money im trying to save because if I go to work I can't be around my grandparents who both have cancer and one has dementia, I know this all sounds stupid but I'm 14 it boils down to in a kid we are going to follow trends and blow things up in our head. We have different opinions ,and who knows in 4 years I'll look at this and call myself a dumb ass, we change as people and that's really what this was started abt kids changing their minds except mine isn't as big and being trans which I still don't think should be allowed for kids at least 18 or older, really it should be when your brain is developed but that won't happen so we need to settle on something reasonable. I'm sorry who I offended with my comment but I stand by my opinion that's what's great about freedom of speech we could have this discussion and still disagree we are entitled to our opinion.

  • "You have to treat us special because we're soooo stressed by school shooters that we can't even proofread."

    "We don't care about other people catching this virus. Our generation will be fine, it's everyone older than us who has to watch out."

    Those are not direct quotes as you can see, but they do sum up what you have said pretty neatly. That is why no one gives two $hit$ about your whiny stupid little a$$, you sociopath. I'll bet you think you "love everybody", don't you? Clearly that is just more delusion, as your own words show. You can't trust your brain at that age, as you yourself have shown multiple times. So shut up or you'll get more of what you deserve.

  • Your first few words said it all..." I don't care about anyone but me" typical younger generation whine, whine, whine, try going through a world war and see 100's of your friends, your own brother or dad die beside you , do you hear them whine, people are dying everyday for YOUR freedom and all you can do is whine

  • Totally agree

  • Thanks! I'm almost 50 and I remember doing exactly the same thing - desperate to either fit in or stand out in some way. But it didn't generally alter my body for life. There's already an avalanche of de-transitioning and it's going to get bigger I think.

  • I have no sympathy for them. They wouldn't listen and kicked and screamed until other people paid for their "transitioning" and then they changed their minds. It's just one big ugly splash of unnecessary drama after another, and I'm already sick of it. Stupid people.

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  • THANK YOU. If he wants to conduct himself like a pretty princess, fine. But let's not lose sight of basic, immutable human physiology. Trans people and their supporters are defiantly ignoring that part, and that's what gets my back up.

  • Yes . . . I would surely do that, except that Kimber is not a "he" . . . . Kimber is a "she". In fact, Kimber is the ULTIMATE "she"!!!!!!!

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  • I think everyone is just completely confused

  • Confused and demanding that everyone else worship their idiotic life choices, even when it's clearly going to cause more problems down the line

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  • Sorry but I missed something in this argument. What is supposed to be confusing to us?

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  • The only option for us, older people, is now to join their trends as far as possible. Most are now look for good f**** - ethics set aside. So find those consensual ones and f*** them. I in my 60s and f***** about 30 girls aged as low as 13 to older mature ones above 40 yrs, both within the family and outside, white, black. Enjoy as long as you live now.

  • No thanks. Some of us are mentally and emotionally mature as well as physically, and we prefer more age-appropriate playmates who know what they're doing.

  • Amen to that!!

  • 13 is best though

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  • I totally agree and am completely on your side. Kids get warm and caring emotional support AND ENCOURAGEMENT to be "the other" (whatever that is . . . this week) rather than to be what at they got from Mother Nature (via mom and dad). They are cheered on by the sick sideline and anyone who finds themselves on the opposite side of the field is --- to them -- WRONG. The world is a sick place and it grows sicker every single day. Five years ago my youngest son went to a gay pride parade with his big brother. Neither of them were gay but both got raped and now they are both flaming.

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  • Rape is wrong but if they want c ock give it to them boy or girl, governments or the law should not dictate who can f uck

  • What?? I'm sorry to hear this. Much love to you dear. Man I hate this. I be glad when God get here and start destroying this earth.

  • I had heard before that those pride parades are just a rape-fest. I'd heard other awful things too, but I didn't believe any of it, so I finally went to one just to see what they were like. Twice during the parade itself, I saw small groups of gays accost men in the crowd and pull them off away from the parade route and strip them from the waist and f*** them while the crowd cheered them on with shouts of "F*** that b****!!!" Individuals would sometimes call out, "Me next". I decided I'd seen enough and started for my car. After I'd walked a couple hundred yards, this man stepped out in front of me, with his d*** sticking out of his jeans. He grinned at me in an evil way and said, I'm about to put this in you." That's when I started running. No more faggotry for me, not even as a spectator.

  • You are so full of BS your eyes are brown.

  • Yeah I went to one of them when I saw I guy walking down the street showing his c*** and also wearing a huge fur-tail butt-plug sticking out his naked ass. Other men were clapping and yelling for him to "f*** something ............ f*** something................ f*** anything!" I left in a hurry before he might have chosen me to do what the crowd was begging for him to do.i'm sure he did f*** something with his humungus super thick super hard c*** that day and I was just happy it was not me. I went home and I never want back to any others.

  • Yeh right make some more up. You mind telling us what country that was.

  • I greatly appreciate your words of comfort and kindness.

  • God didn't step in to save the dinosaurs . No reason to expect Him to intervene to save humanity or any other species .

  • What!!!!!!! I know you don't believe in God not do you live him. God hates flames, butchers, gifls, man dykes, and tricks. You Americans are destroying g children. Especially that Diane wade and Her husband Gabe for for turning that black boy in a trick

  • It's so funny how people calling themselves Christians know exactly what God "hates". By sheer coincidence, what God "hates" is ALWAYS what the bibletard hates-- they use their god as a big brother to hide behind. Watch how they either get really defensive (in a stupid way) or go silent in reaction to the revelation of this basic and obvious truth...

  • The Earth deserves to be destroyed. Bring on Revelations!!!

  • The Christians will be the first to go, seeing as how they've made the biggest part of the mess

  • F*** you libturd c***. I'm going to take a knife and stab the s*** outta you and your antifa buddies who think like this, in the name of the LORD!!!

  • More stupidity. Anybody who doesn't "think" exactly like you is automatically antifa? Hoo boy, that's some powerful Kool-Aid your overlords over at Fox are pouring down your inbred throat!

  • Translation: eeek, I'm frightened!

    Anybody who fires both "libturd" and "LORD" in all caps is a useless Trump loving loser who deserves to die under a truck tire.

  • TRUMP!!!! Now what you going to do. I said it. You dont support anything. Just shut up and eat some popcorn. Microwave popper

  • LOL, keep screaming, triggered one. Your irrationality amuses us. As if you know anything about anyone outside your bible group/adult day care. LOL

  • This doesn't surprise me much. once a male -- of any age -- gets a taste of c** or experiences the warm hard pure joy of deep a*** penetration by a man who knows how to show love, he's surely going to want more and more and more and more and more. Your sons aren't nearly the first to be converted via rape. and they surely wont be the last. They sound like lovely whores. you should be using and enjoying them yourself.

  • Yes, it doesn't take much c** to get somebody addickted to it.

  • 🤢🤮

  • My uncle shew me the way I LOVED having hiscock in myass and my mouth

  • My uncle SHEw me. Learn to spell pedo

  • Down on your knees boy and suck mycock

  • First can't suck a mircoDICK Second I'm a man not a boy Pedo

  • YUMMY!!!! Tell us more!! Inquiring minds want to know!!!

  • Can't get much clearer than that inless you need pictures

  • I hate trans. They are destroying children. For Real For Real

  • Man I dont hate trans at all. It's not about that. It's about how a social trend has taken over in a lot of ways and is causing many problems that are going to get worse in the coming years. The amount of people claiming they are trans vs the amount that actually are I think is massively out of balance and is ignoring more real issues of isolation and loneliness and depression, that's all.

  • Political correctness is what is causing all the problems in this country

  • Yep, and both sides do it. Oh, your side doesn't? Okay then-- Happy Holidays, Goddess bless, and Trump's empty head would make a perfect jack o' lantern! ;)

  • If only.....we couldn't be that lucky

  • I didn't hate trans either . . . . .until I lost my husband and my children lost their father to one of those godless freaks. He had to go to New Orleans for business and his colleagues took him to an art bar in the French Quarter, where she-males hung out, and that was where he met "her". Apparently she f***** his brains all out of his head because he called and told me he had "found himself", and he would be staying in New Orleans and spending the rest of his life with"Andi". He even handed the phone to "her" and she apologized for destroying my family, but it really couldn't be helped, because it was "a part of God's plan" for her to take my man. When I cried she laughed at me and told me that, at that very moment, her c*** was "buried in your man's ass" and then told me my marriage was over, and she would never allow him to see our children again. So, yeah . . . . I totally hate trans. I want them all to die. They are selfish, meanspirited, b****-ass drama-addicts, bent on converting straight men and destroying families. And in the holy name of "tolerance", the rest of us are encouraging them to do all that.

  • Find it hard to believe this happened in 1 night, sounds more like they been having an affair and when he went to N.O. it was an excuse to end the marriage

  • She didn't take your husband. Your husband took her. Thats what he wanted instead of you and your children. We all have to be responsible for our actions.

  • It's the fusion of victim culture and "it's all about me" culture. Of course they'll try to blame older people, the media, everybody except themselves. Always.

  • Yes! Yes! Yes! What this guy says!!

  • God, right there with you!! While it's great that this kind of thing is talked about more openly, OF COURSE it couldn't be handled maturely. No, it just HAS to go RIGHT off the rails and become just as problematic as the issue it was intended to solve. And if you dare say so, you're a "bigot" or "homophobic" or a "hater".

    Objectivity has been replaced by how everything makes a person *feel.* Water is not wet if that makes you feel sad. Air is not breathable if it "triggers" you. If someone disagrees with you in ANY way, shape, or form, you have "traumatized" them for life and must be ground under the wheels of cancel culture.

    Yeah, we're really moving forward with this "get along with other members of your own species" thing. *rolleyes*

  • Wow!!! How pathetic you are.

  • What was pathetic about that? Describe.

  • Wow!!! Guess they were more mouth than brains. How surprising. Wow!!!

  • Society has disempowered parents and kids. You cant beat them for misbehaviour. The old norms of a housewife are gone. Its all mixed up.

  • There IS a happy medium between "50s housewife" and "I'm whatever gender I want because that's how I feeeeeeeeel".

    FIND IT.

  • Humanity is not capable of that.

  • The world is overpopulated.

  • Too many mexicans

  • And Guatemalans.

  • Too many blacks , Polish , Pakis and Lithuanians also .

  • Blacks??? That's what you said. Don't worry. With all the made a and the police on this earth. There will be more blacks. The mexicans are next in line. Hail hitler!

  • No, no, no, no, no, NO!!! The real problem is too many, many, many Chinese!!!!!!!!! Trump need to start erasing Chinese b****** ass!!!! Oh!

  • Hail Hitler

  • First he needs to do the world a favour and erase himself

  • Shut the heII up pedo you love Biden the pedo🤮 We will have the first President that gets arrested for molesting children.

  • Biden hasn't molested anybody. Tara Reid cannot ever be trusted. People should know that without ever getting told it.

  • Google Biden kissing his 12 year old granddaughter on the mouth. It's there you will see it. That is molesting a child. Incest at that, the only family member you kiss on the mouth is your spouse.

  • LOVE to do that while I put my hand in her knickers

  • "I've said that if Ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her."
    Pop quiz, fucktard: Who said this quote? No wrong answers, which includes name-calling instead of answering the question.

  • Trump said it jokingly at a pageant about his daughter hosting the show. FUCKfaced dog Now you SHUTtheFUCKup sickSHIT

  • Yeah, your boy says a lot of things "jokingly" doesn't he. Hey, here's a great "joke"-- he's got such a serious mental illness that even Fox News steps back from him on a regular basis. Here's another "joke"-- he doesn't care two $hit$ about you or anyone you care about, all he wants to hear is adoration and it doesn't matter if it comes out of your flapping mouth specifically. Hee hee, haw haw, aren't these fantastic "jokes"? I'm laughing SO hard over here!!!

  • Good, you've finally figured out how to stfu. Keep practicing.

  • 👆you💩wipe

  • Lol, can't even use proper emoji, let alone put up a decent argument. What a waste of life

  • Do what you love have aCOCK shoved up you a$$F**🤢🤮

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes a nice thick hard one, I want to feel him cumin me

  • FUCKyouASSwipe

  • Eat a taser and jump in a swimming pool, waste of life

  • How does one eat a taser? I if you chew it then it will break and won't work. The only thing I can think of is downing it in one shot. Didn't think that was possible, but since you said it you must have experienced it before.

  • I have. I am immortal and can now zap people with a touch.

  • Keep trying toFUCKthatFATfucking sister that unfortunately is related to you

  • As long as she is nice n young I don't care if she is fat I willfuck her

  • No actually I , like the rest of the world hate arrogant yanks

  • That includes a lot of us Yanks, for the record

  • So sorry for you, trump or biden, trump or biden...OMG!!

  • Unfortunately, that's what happens when only self-promoting sociopaths with deep pockets are allowed to hold public offices...

  • Too many fucktards, as is being proven

  • That's totally true . . . . . .every time YOU click "Post".

  • Feeling triggered, sweetheart?

  • MAGAT types do so love to out themselves with shrieking outrage all the time.

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