I hate being a mom

I had 3 kids under 3. I love them, they are actually really good kids compared to all the other little s**** I know. But that doesn't make being a stay at home mom any easier. The biggest thing have kids taught me is that I don't like kids, at all. I am so sick to death of the whining, crying, neediness, messes, cooking, laundry, etc etc. For most of my motherhood I had no friends, and I always hoped that having mom friends would help. But now I have awesome mom friends and I'm still miserable. I'm great at pretending, I don't even yell at my kids in public or around anyone but my husband. But when it's just me and the kids I spend the entire day either yelling at them or trying to avoid them. It's getting easier the older they get, but I'm so f****** bored with my life and so sick of being around kids 24/7. I don't know what to do anymore. I have no identity anymore besides MOM so even if I just abandoned my family I have no clue what I would do. The weekends are my only reprieve. I love and like my husband and he gets just as annoyed with the kids, but with both of us here it makes it all so much more bearable. But when he's at work I am drowning. If you are reading this and don't have kids yet, don't ducking do it! Or just have one, I think one would have been way more enjoyable. 3 is so f****** HARD. FML. Glad I found this site so I can vent without anyone knowing its me!

Jul 21, 2016

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  • It took you shooting out three crotch crickets to "discover" that kids are whiny needy messes? Why is it always the idiots who breed the most?

  • You're f****** up your kids

  • Just curious if you have post partum? Have you gone to your doctor to check? Because that can just add to the challenges you are experiencing. I have 3. I get it. As much as they can get on your last nerve, be very conscientious about how you talk to them. Yelling can cause even more chaos in the home for you. It can affect them and give them anxiety. No one likes to get in trouble. Can you imagine being so young and having a parent constantly yelling. An adult yelling at a child is scary. Try to take some deep breaths and don't yell. Advice: Routine is key. Nap times are the same. It can help with the whining and tantrums. To keep your sanity - Schedule some me time. Ask for help or pay for help when you can afford it or need it. Get a housekeeper to help you with the housework and laundry. Hire a sitter, even if it's for 4 hours a day, it's a break for you. If the older one can go to daycare consider dropping them off for a bit. Definitely lean on your mom friends, husband and family.

  • Just find some adult friends to share with.

    BTW to keep your husband , remember men are visual so dress in skimpy dresses. Smile at your husband and give him a hug. Sexually tease him. Make him work for s**. Ration s**. The less he gets the more valuable it is. He does not get it because you are too tired. Never say that. He does not get it because he has not worked hard enough to get it.

  • Didn't say anything about s** in my post, my husband gets plenty of s** lol

  • I'm a stay at home mom Aswel. I have twins 2 years old and I'm struggling. My partner recently walked out on us as he isn't ready to be a father. I know how tough it can be at times but find something to occupy your mind when they're a sleep try resting and spending me time when they're awake let them help you with the laundry etc. I've taught my kids to tidy and pack away their toys. Try and get out more or even study a online course. Get family to have the kids Atleast for 1 -2 hours aweek while you and your husband spend some time together.

  • People who have never been a stay at home mom have no idea how hard it is. I used to work 12 hours a day before I had my child and quite honestly it was a cakewalk compared to being a stay at home home. My child is a teen now. Different concerns, and actually miss the boring, quiet times when you know for sure they are safe. I also nannied and had 3 kids I watched and it was draining, so I semi know your pain. You need to get out once in awhile by yourself even if it's just a movie, trip to the library (it's quiet there too ;). Don't forget s**!

  • *bawwww* Sitting on my butt at home playing video games and harassing businesses who don't cater to my every whim is SO haaaard!!! Oh, woe is me, the SAHM is such a difficult life!!!

    Don't worry. Your now-teen will soon bring home a squalling mistake for you to raise and you can start the martyr cycle all over again. Won't that be fun?

  • Find a playground. Actuality a laid back one where the talk and just let the kids find their own fun.

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