What happen to the 50s

You women in this country are lazy. What is wrong with this world. Men don't take control of their wives. Parents don't beat their children. Women acting like children. Trump can't control his American people. Women need to be wives and husbands need to discipline their wives the same way they do their children. Men need to stop being weak and afraid of women. I beat my my wife children all the time. I'm in control. I'm the man of the house.

Jul 15, 2020

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  • Why you need to be this way. What in your past has you in such a pathological state. Did you hit your head or something. See how I'm being nasty but only using periods for my sentences. Periods, something you apparently wish you had but don't and are seriously bitter about it.

  • Explain. Do you whip your wife and daughters with or without clothes on?
    Do you teach your son how to spank and discipline your wife and girls?

  • You think anyone's ever been dumb enough to reproduce with this thing? He can't stop sniveling long enough to get a b0ner anyway, that's why he's so tense.

  • I do beat my wife while she denies me her ass and she likes it

  • You're a bitter virginal incel. Real men don't need to cry about being men all the time.

  • Get back on the ark with Noah you old b******.

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