I’m Disgusting

I’m 16, and I have a r*pe fetish. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I like to imagine that someone will suddenly kidnap and use me. I m********* almost every day, so I’m pretty much addicted. I also like to imagine that someone will just rip my clothes off and have their way with me.

I like to think I’m straight, but whenever I see someone attractive, whether they are older or not, I can’t help but imagine them forcing me.

I can’t help but feel disgusted at myself, especially as a girl. It has lead me into depression.

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  • 2/3 if women admit to fantasies like this. Very common and normal. My wife had a huge rape fixation. I am repelled by it. I looked it up and learned, men that are into force get VERY different jollies (violence) and the two sets of expectations are VERY different and not compatible. Be leary of men who like the same fixation.

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