A Fantasy

I have this fantasy about killing people. Now before someone asks “what the f*** is wrong with you”, I don’t have the fantasy to randomly do it. Just I can’t stand people who are ignorant and arrogant to others around them either out in public, work or even your own damn home. People that are verbally f****** loud or the biggest irritation is someone using their f****** phone sound in a public place like a restaurant. For an example, it’s Valentine’s Day. I want to spend it with my wife and relax and have a good dinner, but no. Some f****** a******* want to be extremely loud and ignorant with their phones playing videos and music and f****** yelling and s***. I just have this fantasy about getting a shotgun and dealing with it. I’m not f***** up or anything just this weird fantasy I can’t really tell anyone cuz of course, they think I’m crazy. Plus no guns in Japan lol

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  • Where did you take your wife on Valentines day Popeyes chicken shack?
    If It was a good restaurant they would have stopped that. I have been at good restaurants and have seem people asked to leave for being too loud.

  • You're a dumbass.

  • I can’t stand it when people use the word ignorant while being ignorant of the word

  • Sounds like you can't handle other people having freedom to do what they want if it irritates you. Move to a communist or socialist country, your freedom tolerance volume k*** is broken.

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