I Love Blonds So Much

19 year old male

I love blond girls so much. It makes me sad that it's rare for an adult female to have real blond hair. My crush from the internet (lives 20 minuets away and around the corner from my good friend) has beautiful blond hair and bright eyes, I'm tearing up a little because I'll never have her because she's a ** (according to 5 girls and two adults). I unfollowed her on all social media recently. Listen to the song "Prom Queen" by Beach Bunny and the beginning reminds me of her. I rarely if ever ** off while thinking of her. She's the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world. Every girl is less attractive after looking at her.

I wish every girl had beautiful blond hair and bright eyes. I think fake blond hair is gross. I get a warm feeling when I see a real blond opposed to sexual arousal. I'm romantically capible but I go to an all boys school. When i see a real blond woman/young adualt, I dream of her just holding me and stroking my gross black hair.

Guys who really like blonds feel like pedos at least once because little kids have the best blond girl. (I would never lay a ** on a kid, I've been abused so I know how wrong it is.) I saw a picture of my internet crush when she was 14 with beautiful blond braids and she looked so beautiful. If I could have one wish, it would be to have a beautiful blond girlfriend that I'll marry to grow old with and have blond kids with her.

I'm a "black Irish" American who had DNA test resualts that didn't add up. I have almost black hair and eyes darker than some blacks. I want a blond girlfriend, but I'm scared that we won't have blond kids. At least I have a big ** like Moroccans (A dna test said I have a lot of that in me.)

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  • Honey, be patient your only 19. The right young lady will come around.

    But in the mean time if you want someone to practice your skills with I’d be happy to volunteer. I’m not blonde, but I’m 48 and love to work with young men like yourself to help them become awesome lovers

    Where do you Iive? Oh and how big is that **?

  • My ** erect is around 6 1/2 inches.

  • Mmmmm. Yummm.

    A young 6.5 inch ** would be great. I am getting WET just thinking about it.

    As I said, I’m not blonde and a bit old at 48. Is that too old?

    I’m 5 foot nine. Have blue eyes and dark brown hair.

    I fill out a 38 D bra. My complete measurements are 40-32-42.

    Let me know if you are interested, sweetie

  • I'm not interested, but you sound like you would be a dream to be with. I love older women, I always have. I'm white, 5'11 brown eyes, average build. Blue eyes are my favorite by far. I like brown hair too. You seem tender and loving like a mother which is a must.

  • Oh, and I have a full bush as well. It’s all wet and waiting!

  • I love red heads. Ginger women are above god to me.

  • Nothing better than a red bush

  • They're pretty too.

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