Embarresed about what I who attracted too

I'm 20. I was on a walk today around town and I saw three gorgeous girls selling bracelets. I bought one for my girlfriend. On the way home I was embarrassed because those girls were probobly 13-15. I have a real attraction for early pubesent girls, but I'm dedicated to never acting on it. I was just really moved by the blond, red, and brunette hair with their bright eyes and smooth face.

Last summer, weeks before I met my gf, I was walking in the park and a pretty girl who was around 13 held out her phone and asked for my snapchat. I gave her the cold shoulder because I'm older and wiser than her, and understands how she thinks in a way that could be used to hurt her. The moral transgressions came before the social ones,

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  • I drilled my 14 year old sister every day for a summer.

  • I'm the exact same way. I'm mainly attracted to girls 13-16. I've been lucky enough to enjoy a few.

  • It's smart to leave them alone. Many think they're grown up and ready to act as adults, but they still think as children. There are so many levels here - just be polite, buy a trinket from them to support whatever cause, smile and move on.

  • You are not alone

  • Yes girls grow up fast these days. And dress so different.

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