I Want My People Rule The Country✊🏾

24 your old woman of color, she/her

I can't wait for black people (Latinx too) to take over the united states and put an end to oppresive white rule over us. we've been slaves under a diffrent name for hundreds of years and it's soon going to be over. We're appealing discrimination laws so poc can advance and replace whites.

My fantasy is that most white people get steralized and dont want to have kids while poc have large famalies. the whites who want to have kids marry people of color. sis white men seem to like latinx women the best, and white women like black men better. personally i only like black men (not sexually racist). whites bright eyes and pasty pale skin is gross to me. i would never want a blond kid, gross. i see them and i don't understand the appeal.

we educate whites on their toxicity and how they can change and be redeemed. we encurage interacial friendships and romantic relationships. we desegragate them and diversify their local communities. we bus studants from segregated communities back and forwath to create diversity. interacial reproducing well help wean out the white population. people with bright hair (red, blond, brown, ext) will become very rare. those who are will be uncuraged to dye their hair and wear contacts.

whites are afraid that we will bring crime to their areas. this is lauphable. people of color commiting crime is of resualt of inequality and opression. in the right situation, poc don't break reasonable laws more than whites.

All whites are racist. i tried to educate a boy from my high school that he has privilege and that the black community hates toxic males like him and he replies "that sword cuts both ways." DISCUSTING

remember, black is excellent✊🏾✊🏾

Jul 13, 2020

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  • I would love to let black men train my white wife to be there slave

  • KKK

  • Whites will never rule, and im not black, im not hispanisha, but let me go by rule of thumb, shoving christianity or whatever religion down someones pipe is not going to work..you need to grow up. go figure the constitution is convuluted by. "The FOUNDING FATHERS".. even they are dissaproved! ✌ peace

  • "Whites will never rule," L M F A O
    You are apparently blind
    or you are one of those dumb ppl who say something they don't like doesnt exist like you have magic words or something

  • When you're capable of behaving like intelligent, mature people, maybe you'll stand a chance. Right now the worthwhile ones are in political positions. If you're not in one already, it's because you can't control yourself enough to be given adult responsibilities.

    Even your "allies" treat you like brain-damaged children, maybe take a hint from that.

  • Uh, Nigress, when the day comes when you think you are going to take overcomes your in for a rude awakening. Blacks can't do anything right. Obama was America's worst President for a reason. He was part black.

    You blacks s**** up everything you touch. You can't even socially distance. It's showing up in this COVID crisis.

    Wear your masks there negro.

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