Dr weirdo creepers

Eric roberts plays this stalker doctor well. But every time I see those movies and he has played a few as dr beck it creeps me out in a unsavory way. Its because dr beck reminds me so much of my own specialist. I have never felt very comfortable around my specialist and I think he has a supportive side but there is something weird about him. I wondered if he didn't hypnotise the receptionist and she had a baby. I know it sounds weird. But there is something wrong with a old male doctor who just won't get out of the game and leave some room for new doctors to take over. I can't see why some of his patients just can't be pushed over to some other specialists who are younger.
If all these whores can get free day care then why can't all the mentally abused women by those whores get free medical care by all doctors anyway?

Jul 19, 2020

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