Friends husband is blackmailing me.

In February I attended a friends wedding in mexico, Lovely, small beach ceremony Blah, Blah. That night we overtook the resort pool bar and they let us keep it open later than normal with the undersatanding that if other people wanted to use it as well that they were allowed.
I am single, 39, 5'6", 140 pounds and have DDD's, I wish I was a bit thinner but what girl doesn't and guys seem to enjoy my physical build even if my ex was enjoying a skinny s*** while we were married. Anyway we were all in and out of the pool and drinking and having fun, There was a little craziness like the bride, A 38 year old mom of 3 on her second marriage getting topless and the best man spending about 5 minutes with her on his lap and him cupping and playing with her b**** in front of his wife. Two of the bridesmaids disappeared with the ones bridesmaids husband and reappeared looking very guilty and refusing to say where they had disappeared to for 40 minutes, The groom and bride were hot and heavy in the hot tub and the brides sister was sitting beside tham and I am pretty sure from the look on his face she had a handful under the water and a few other things but those are the ones that stand out.
Where s*** went sideways for me was when the grooms nephew started flirting with me, I kept running into him and despite only being 22 he knew just what to say and how to smoothly coherse me into flirting back, Blah, Blah and he offered to walk me back to my room, Somehow we got sidetracked and ended up on the beach walking, then sitting, Then kissing, Then I was on my knees in the sand with him on the beach chair and me with a mouthful of his...Manhood. So by this time I am assuming it must have been 3 or 4 in the morning, I am trashed, H**** and up for about anything so I invite him to my room. We make it halfway up the beach and end up on another beach lounger and I am on my back, Dress piled up around my waist, B**** out, He is in me and everything is going great.
Long story short He pulls out and comes in my mouth, I am on the verge and he gets on his knees licking my cl!t, I am on my back with mylegs in the air and I look over and...F@#K, Standing 6 feet away is a close friends husband who I have known since school before they even started dating and he is video taping us and jerking right there. So panic sets in and I am like "Jeff, For f@#k sakes, Put your d!ck away", The grooms nephew bolts into the darkness and I am left to fight with my dress which was all twisted and tangled and Jeff says "Holy f@#k you have huge t!ts", I'm like "Thanks" and he says "And you look amazing getting f@#ked", I say "Jeff, Stop, Just...Don't".
I finally get my dress somewhat fixed, Can't find my bra or panties and I tell him "Delete that, This never happened" and he instantly says "And sent", I'm like "What the f*** do you mean SENT?", He says "I just emailed it to myself" and I say "Jeff, What the f@#k", He is still standing there with his c*** out and i say "Jeff, Put it away, Please" Jeff says "Come here, You obviously didn't finish and I am more than happy to do the job", I stare at him then say "Jeff, You are married to Mandy, My long time friend, Are you sure you want to be saying this stuff to me" thinking I could scare him off at the idea of me telling her. Jeff says "Pffft, Whatever, You guys havent talked in months and Mandy hasn't put out since May...I am pretty sure she is banging her personal trainer anyway".
Mandy is a short, Thin, Small chested, Very attractive woman and I had heard rumors she was cheating but...Regardless. I say "Well, I think you guys need to work on that and not involve me or any more complications", Jeff says "I think me and you should f@#k and I promise to delete the video and not tell anyone about this", I say "You wouldn't tell anyone" and he says "I only need to tell one person and you know what will happen", I knew exactly who he was talking about and knew it would totally get blabbed all over town. I was steaming mad, Like standing there shaking I was so mad, I said "Jeff", He said "You are already naked under that dress, Just bend over and...", I'm thinking this is not happeneing to me right now.
Jeff takes my hand and pulls me closer and attempts to kiss me, I turn my head and he starts getting handsy, I'm shaking my head I close my eyes, He pulls my dress down to my waist and says "F@#k, I always knew your t!ts would be wonderful", I say "Don't talk", He puts my hand on his d*** and I'm like F@#k, No getting out of this now so he puts his hands on my shoulders and pushed down so I got on my knees, jeff is a tall guy and unbeknownst to me is packing a pretty big d*** and I hate sucking big ones, I decide f@#k it and look up at him saying "DO NOT come in my mouth". I start sucking and he says "Oh god...25 years I have waited to f*** you" I stop sucking and say "Jeff, Seriously...Stop talking". I stand up and Jeff says "Come here beautiful" he turns me around and I put my hands on a stone wall and I bend over, Stick out my bum and he is all gropy and talking about my "Big, beautiful a$$", I am staring off into the darkness thinking "Just hurry up" and then I feel his tongue, I was about to put a stop to that and then I was like, Hmmm, Ok, You want to lick me after some other guy was just in me then here is my little bit of revenge so I fold my arms, Rest my head on them and let him do his thing.
That was kind of the turning point and when I started to enjoy things, Jeff stood up after a bit and slid into me, Like I said he is big so it felt good and he was back there doing his thing, reaching up and rolling my nippers and I started to think I may just get off from this and then Jeff sticks his thumb in my bum and I tense up, I slap his hand away and say "F@#k Jeff, Never without asking", He starts rubbing it with his thumb and I say "NOT inside", About 3-4 minutes of that and I grab ahold of the wall, I start moaning and shaking and I release not that I would ever admit it to him but one of the biggests O's I can remember and before I can tell him to make sure he pulls he thrusts forward holding my hips and comes inside me, I was a little distracted being mid O and didn't react right away but after he kept slowly stroking as he went soft, He has big loads and it wasn't until it was running down my thichs that I reacted and pulled away.
I said "f@#k jeff, You can't come inside me, I am not using protection", I am sure I looked super sexy standing there with my lags apart trying to push his come out of me and thank god I had to pee, I stood there with my butt against the wall peeing and he stood there watching me, He says "F@#k you are hot right now", I said "So gross" and he is groping my b**** while I pee. I finish drip drying and fix myself up, I tell him "You go that way" and point away from the resort and I start my way back, We walk away from each other and I stumble into the lobby, No bra, Half see through dress and the sun is starting to come up, I cut across the yard around the pool and run smack dab into the bride and groom, I stop and talk to them and the bride makes note of the fact you can see my nipples saying "since when do you go anywhere without a bra?", I told her I had it off in the hot tub and it disappeared and they both laugh, She asks her new husband if he seen them in the hot tub, He says "Nope, I would remember" and she reaches over, Pulls my dress down and whips one out saying "These have been the talk of the town since grade 7" and I tuck it away saying "I need to go to bed".
I get into my room, Shower and hear a soft knock on my door when I get out, I answer the door and the grooms nephew is standing there, I look around, Pull him into the room and we have another round and I tell him all about what happened while he is on top of me, he pounds me, licks me, Fingers me and I have O after O until I passed out sometime that morning, I wake up and he is still there, He wakes up and pounds me again and then as we lay there he says "So...Two guys in 12 hours?", I nod my head and he says "He just came once?" I nod and he says "In 12 hours you have had 4 loads in you", I freeze and say "What?", He says "I came in you on the beach and kept going, You swallowed a load then he came in you and I came in you again this morning.
I am pretty sure my heart stopped beating for a second, my vision went blurry and I said "When?", He says "Before we passed out" and I was like "F***". So this went into far more detail than originally planned but anyway I banged the grooms nephew once more the next night and we parted ways, I seen Jeff and Mandy on the plane ride home and then two days later Jeff shows up at my door, I am like "No, Nope, F@#K no" and he plays the video card so for the last 3 months he has been coming over once, Twice and up to 3 times a month, F@#king me and leaving. I tell him he can come on my t***, My stomach, my ass or even my face if we are in the shower and I started on the pill again but I am writing this because...Are you ready...
Im pregnant, F@#K, Worst possible situation, I just found out and told Jeff and now he wants to divorce Mandy and marry me, WTF, Why is this my life?

Jul 19, 2020

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  • Wow, that is a lot to unpack... Is it possible that the groom's nephew is the father or are you certain that the baby is Jeff's? How do you feel about keeping the baby? About marrying Jeff? Getting rid of one or both and moving away?

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