I want a do over.

Halloween night the kids were at my parents and that night I bring a friend home from the bar, She was supposed to sleep in the spare room because her husband and her were fighting and she didn't want to go home. We had been drinking since mid afternoon and you can imagine what kind of shape we were in, I wake up in the middle of the night and my husband is f****** her in our bed with me right there, I don't know why I didn't stab them both right there but instead I joined in.
My husband recorded some of it but not all, She went down on me, I went down on her, he took turns swapping back and forth and we passed out. I wake up and she is gone, I lose my s***, We have a huge fight and I move out for a month, After a month I move back in and we tried to move past what happened so I was doing my wifely duties and putting out but now a month after I moved back in I get drop kicked in the face when I get home and they are sitting at the table together and she tells me she is pregnant with his kid, I sit, Reach into my purse and pull out a zip lock bag with my own positive pregancy test and toss it on the table.
So, F*** my life, Now this is some redneck, Trailer park s*** right here, My friend and I are both pregnant with my husbands babies and she wants to keep hers and says her husband will know for a fact it is not his because they havent been together for a month before she came to our house.
I want to go back in time and either tell her to go home that night or drop kick her out of bed when I woke up to them f****** but instead I get to hang out with her 3-4 nights a week at our house watching tv, Having supper and just being a super happy little redneck wondeful family in front of my kids, She is starting to show and we won't be able to hide it much longer so s*** is about to hit the fan.
What am I supposed to do, I knew he was still banging her on the side so I confronted them and now my husband is living his dream life as a p*** star banging two pregnant girls, sometimes at the same time and I have to just carry on, If I raise a fuss he will just say s**** it and leave me for her I am sure but she is still married and spends every second eveing at our house so....I don't know, This is not what I want or ever wanted but I don't know how to get out of it.

Jul 19, 2020

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