My Stuffed Animal

19 year old guy

I still sleep with the same stuffed animal every night that I have since I was 2. I have a hard time sleeping without my bunny. I don't take him on vacation because I'm too scared of the trama which would be loosing him forever. My bunny was the only thing there for me when I was depressed and suicidal. He's my best friend even though I have plenty of friends that I care about.

I cuddle with a pillow too and pretend its a pretty girl. I have a giant fantasy where a pretty girl and I cuddle with our stuffed animals together. I've heard that it's not too uncommon to sleep with your stuffed animal at my age through adualthood.

I doubt that many girls would want to her boyfriends best friend to join them when they cuddle, but I would be in tears of joy if she loved the idea.

Jul 19, 2020

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