Stuffed Animal Related Fantasy

I fantasize about my crush and I cuddling together with our childhood stuffed animals easily 4 times more than us having s*x. I think it’s way more common than people would admit to cuddle with your childhood stuffed animal. Why would you? It’s not like there is anyone around to judge you.

I cuddle with a pillow and pretend it’s her. My bunny (stuffed animal) is always there. My bunny was there for me when I was depressed when no one else was.

Note: She’ll never be mine because she has a boyfriend and was mean to me (tons of people said it’s her and not me). I’m slowly getting over her.

Aug 24, 2020

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  • No judgment.
    I can honestly say I also have done the pillow hump. Mostly cuz a c*** needs something soft to rub against sometimes.

  • Lol

  • Die in the fires of h*** as cain did

  • Who needs people ?
    All my friends have been lied to , cheated on, divorced and ripped off in the process.
    I trust no one..
    I've worked all my life and own a nice flat and a gorgeous BMW sports car plus I've got money.
    I'll never come home and find my car cheating on me.
    I'm happy.

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