America is in real trumple

On the dahvie vanity cases and interviews I have to agree with anonymous animosity crinchworthy chris hansen remarks and review of the dumb jungalows jungwammba's. dahvie vanity could any unspeakable assaults done to him but that goes against the constitution and rights of people on trial. the fact is what the f*** was chris hansen thinking interviewing these gays. I couldn't work out if they were siding with dahvie and the kidkclamming human centapedo kultr or not. please interview more victims stories or people who know dahvie etc.
I felt sorry for Mal in this, she is the beauty among the beasts here, no offense to anyone. But even my poor cat could not tolerate those painted guys grating voices. I think the messages of the interview apart from promotion to them was Mal was trying to say "we don't want injustice happening we want DV to see his day in court". It was a terrible interview and what a shame cuz I thought CH was better then that. I don't know anything about these bands either. I can't see how this interview is helping Mal and the other victims.

its all about money and promoting these bands and in a time of stupidity with covid crisis and people acting senseless, we need some common sense and stability of morals and values the right way.
you got trump, jefree star , rosie o, you got harkles and big bird from seaseme street could run for president right now.

You got kadashins and west acting stupid and I am sure he would make a great president with his mental manic baby howling and what a shame his mother didn't abort him. cuz if he gets in everyone will be on free do .
p e and no baby will be safe from the knife or drug or west or dahvie clown types. just saying. cuz if kimmie gummy bears (bow- toxic for everyone) gets to be the first lady omg, god will no longer be able to be part of amercia kultr at all. the only sensible thing west said was about china who has everyone held hostage and enslaved over the world. my oh my baby you c** a long way since the days of "my little china girl" video scam. and lets not forget that k.west sign every one talks about on bowies early al-bum cover.

dr foulshit should run for preso. from peso to pedo to preso. my word what a crowd of adverts for usa are these lot. f*** me god.

chris get a real job and run for president next campaign before dahvie or jugalows do. please. someone, any one. ??????

Jul 19, 2020

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  • Are you aware that you can't just put words together, they have to be in a specific structure to make sense?

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