Not always with my baby...

Ok so ive been in a relationship since feb. and i love my baby and everything, but long distance relationships are a pain in my **.and im happy with him when im around him, mainly because we have ** like rabbits, my baby can lay the pipe. but lately ive been neglected and been seeking pleasure from my friend who shall be called the marine. i been wanting to ** the marine since i was 14, im currently 20. needless to say that ** was weak as ** lol ... i cant believe i been ** after this dude for all this time and he wasnt nothing. so a few months go by and i see him again on my birthday, so we watching the game bobcats vs mavericks, and he offers ** as a present for my birthday , i told this dude raincheck, i wasnt really feeling another let down... dude dont take no for an answer, so i give in just so he can shut up, and this dude turned me out, he put it down 20times better than my baby, and im like where the ** was this the first we had **... but now im looking for a different type of thing , cuz the marine leave in jan. so its just gonna be me and my baby from jan til whenever... should i feel bad...cuz i dont ....

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  • No you shouldn't feel bad, you should be with as many people as you want, your man is. That's right, i can guarantee that your man is hopping in every gash he can get within 10 feet of.

  • Please use condoms or some other form of birth control. While having a baby-daddy may seem like a good idea, it's a horrible idea.
    So, do whatever you want to do to have fun. Just don't be irresponsible and have a child that baby daddy won't pay for but those of us who pay taxes will.

  • It is called ** language

  • Uh, sorry, what the ** language are you speaking ? Ghetto ?

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