Sore bottom

I made the mistake of texting in a smart a.. way to my husband yesterday. I don’t know why I did it and I was instantly sorry afterwards—but I didn’t say so. When I got home from work last night, he was already there....sitting on the bed and holding the paddle. I tried to apologize but he put his hands up to stop me and told me to
take my clothes off and put them away. I knew my heiny was going to be torn up just by how calm he was.
Once I had undressed and put my clothes away He told me to come kneel in front of him as he explained my punishment and the reason for it. He said I had been mouthy and disrespectful for over a week and he’d been wrong to let my indiscretions slide because it only emboldened me to do it more. He also said that I hadn’t had a good whipping in over 6 weeks and it showed. My whipping would be punishment with no warm up starting with the paddle and finishing with the belt. Because he didn’t want me to clinch, I had to lay over the bed and he inserted a butt plug (I hate them so much).
When I am being punished I am not allowed to thrash around—if I do or if I try and put my hands out, I will receive additional punishment at the end or even later. I tried not to move but I did start crying ( As he intended) and I lost position several times. My tears do not affect my husband—-he has never stopped or lessened my punishment over tears or my begging. He believes in leaving a “lasting impression” as he puts it. I am whipped on my heiny, my sit spots and down my legs and inner thighs. My whipping lasted close to 40 minutes. When he finished, he sent me to corner time for what seemed like a lifetime but was only 30 minutes ( hands on head and nose to corner).
Afterwards, I was permitted to go and wash my face and come back before him. Because this was a punishment whipping, I was required to s..k him off and swallow.
Afterwards I had to make dinner ( spaghetti) nude and clean the kitchen the same way.
I have told you before that I wear diapers at bedtime because my husband doesn’t like me getting up and down at night but it burns terribly when you’ve just had your butt whipped. He did remove the plug before I put on the diaper but this morning he decided to reinsert it before we left for work so I could think about my behavior all day.
I’ve texted him 3 times to ask if I could take it out (no) -and I can hardly stand to sit. I can tell you that I don’t plan on being mouthy to my husband tonight, for sure, and I’m getting home early to make dinner.

Jan 28, 2021

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  • I have a love/hate relationship with pain. I’ve served several Doms, and have been disciplined many times with cane, belt, all kinds of whips, even a rattan carpet beater, and the b******* & swallow is the reward. 🍆💦💦💦💦👄

  • How very odd you strange person.

  • Nothing like a good strapping then a caning

  • You have been watching too much fifty shades of grey.

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