Calling all fat men

I am a lady in my early 20s, slim and fit, only attracted to overweight men, specifically in the belly area. The bigger belly the better. There seem to be no dating websites for skinny women who like overweight men. I live in Orange County CA. Big bellies are a fetish of mine but I love overweight men beyond a fetish,I’ve fell in love with one before, I am just only attracted to fat guys. But I’ve found lots of fat guys only like bbws. I’m pretty active don’t plan on gaining weight myself. Comment If you are Living close, even if you aren’t and want to chat.

Jul 24, 2020

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  • I’m a chubby guy who needs encouragement to get real fat. Would you like to get into contact?

  • What’s your skinny ass like in fat guys like us?

  • Did you ever find your fat guy?

  • I’m a fat guy who lived in LA for about 6 years. I thought it was pretty easy to identify a girl like you. I’d belly up to a bar at a Mexican joint and order the largest nachos they have and see who’s watching me. Most times, people who did were disgusted. But now and then, there’d be a girl who just appreciated a man with an appetite. Dated 3 amazing women that way.

  • Wow lets definitely talk Im pretty far away but I would love to chat with you I got a thing for woman who are active.

  • So hot I'd love to give u my number to text

  • Please do! If not comfortable putting phone number on here put email or anything else!:)

  • Nice to read this post! I am not far from you and 4 years ago I met a tiny, cute-as-a-button female feeder. I let her fatten me up by 51 pounds, mostly in the belly but also two new moobs and thick love handles. She would even wake me up at 2 AM to drink a pint of melted ice cream (1400 calories) then back to bed. I was really surprised that she loved to see me shirtless or naked, I looked 13 months pregnant and flabby as h***, but that was her type and she basically never left me alone!

    The funnest part is when I would lie on the bed and she would come and sit on my legs, facing me. She would sit on my legs and use both hands to GRAB and knead my belly, just sinking her fingers into it as deep as they would go, and grabbing my moobs and REALLY pulling them. Then she would put me into her and ride ride ride...all I had to do was lay back and be fat and lazy!

    I also loved the other non-s** things, like when I was doing the dishes and she would come up and slowly wrap her hands around my belly and lay her head on my back, she really, really loved a big belly! We took lots of pics and one day maybe I'll have the courage to put them on line - a tiny little thing and her big fat boyfriend.

  • Would love to see pics. What do your friends and family say? Are you still together?

  • Wow, a gainer shake in the middle if the night! That’s dedication. How big are you now? Still loving the fat life?

  • My feeder gf would sneak her hand under my shirt and rub my big belly while we were at the movies. At home she liked me shirtless so she could come up from behind and put her arms around my belly. Her s** drive was really high, she would frequently initiate and was always ready to go if I got h****. She had once been fat herself but lost the weight and got tiny, but said she loved having a partner twice her size.

  • Has her acceptance made you gain more?

  • Yes. She loved to spoil me and show her appreciation of my growing girth. I put on 200 pounds in 3 years with her, going from 170 to 370.

  • Wow that’s quite a gain! Where’s it all gone to? You two still together or is she one of those types who moved on to fatten her next project?

  • Girls who used to be fat but aren’t seem to really like feeling us fat guys. It’s like we’re living a life they want, just not full time.

  • How did you meet her?

  • Form of contact?

  • I'm a chubby guy aspiring to be a huge fat one lol. What's the biggest/heaviest guy you've been with? Would prefer someone already fat, or someone chubby and then fatten them up further?

  • Either or! You live in cali?

  • Unfortunately not, I live in Colorado. I'd love to chat more though! Either here or through mail. Here's my contact info:

  • Just what the world needs, more encouragement to get fatter…

  • What about a slightly chubby guy who loves to eat? Would you enjoy watching him grow into a fat man?

  • I would! How much do you weigh now? Do you have a goal weight?

  • Your attraction isn't as rare or strange as you may think. You're what's known as an "FFA" (Female Fat Admirer). Check out the website Fantasy Feeder. It's a place for fat women and men, and the people who desire them. There's also Feabie, and Dimensions. Good luck finding the big bellied fat man of your dreams!

  • Haha, that's where I met my feeder! (I wrote the long post above.) But Feabie is for bratty children who will jump and pile on you if they don't like something you post, and Dimensions skews very, very old and lonely and people posting thousands of posts like "What is your favorite color?" and "Who is your favorite celebrity?" Like your grandparents might do.

    FF is for people who REALLY want to blow up, and their admirers. I know one woman there who was 155 pounds and is now over 400. This is over 10 years.

  • How’s the relationship with your feeder? Still packing on the pounds?

  • Omggggg from 150 to over 400? That's incredible - she is more than twice the weight she was before. That's SO MUCH fat...any pics?

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