My BF asked me to get FAT

My boyfriend asked me to get fat! We’ve been together three years and we plan to get married over the next two years. We went ring shopping the other day so he can see what I like.
I love him so much, but the other day he asked me to gain weight. I’m a size 4/6 and he said he’s always wanted a chubby wife. He asked me if I would quit working out and gain weight until I was like a size 14 or 16.
He said he’s always been more attracted to bigger women, but he fell in love with me. He said I would be his dream woman if I was bigger and curvier, and that I would be his perfect 10. He said he’s attracted to my body now, but he always fantasize about me as a heavier woman. I don’t know what to do. I love him and want to marry him and be his perfect woman, but I’ve never been that size before. Should I get fat for him?

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  • Absolutely fat girls are hot! There’s nothing sexier than watching an S/O become lazy and live life

  • Would you get FAT for your significant other?

  • Gaining weight isn’t the worst thing someone can ask you to do in a relationship. If you love him and want to be with him, maybe gaining weight is the tradeoff to ensure he is always yours. I would rather be a fatter version of myself with my man than a skinnier version without him.

  • I asked my fiancé/husband to do this. He was in such great shape and it was embarrassing to be next to him. I’m shorter and chubbier. As we got closer to the wedding, he chubbied up for me so we didn’t look like such an odd couple at the altar. It was so sweet!

  • Gaining weight can be very emotional for anyone, but especially women. Going up ten dress sizes is a significant amount and will change your daily life. I used to be very active and get a lot of attention for my looks when I was skinnier. I gained about fifty pounds and all that stopped. It’s also different dressing a bigger body type, even if it’s your own body that you are used to. You will likely have to buy a whole new wardrobe. And you can’t control where you gain the weight on your body. Some women have a nice gain that works, and then some women gain in the wrong places (butt and b****** vs. stomach or lower legs vs. thighs), and that doesn’t look as good.

  • My husband asked me to get and I did. I came to like it very much, so much so I'm 536lbs.

  • That’s too fat.

  • I would ask you to get fat, too! A woman with big curves is sexy!

  • If he’s into you being fat, then be fat. He’s the only one that should be looking at you that way anyway.

  • Rather than gaining weight, just stop working out and watching what you eat for a while. See what happens. If you like it, then really go for it.

  • I would try that to. You might find that it’s a little fun gaining weight and you might like your figure more!!

  • I did this to my boyfriend. He was in shape, but I am attracted to a man with some belly on him. So I asked my boyfriend to get fat for me. At first, he was very reluctant. But he started to let some weight creep on for me, and I loved it! He’s probably 230 now (he’s almost six feet tall), and he was probably 200 when I asked him a year ago. His sexy, chubby belly is such a turn on for me now!! I love him so much!

  • Whoa! He went from in shape to a potbelly belt overhang for you in one year! Hope you enjoy your McFatty!

  • My husband has started to get a belly, and I love it!! It’s so cute!

  • I started gaining weight when I went to college. I was so svelte and small my freshmen year. By my senior year, I had gained about forty pounds and looked very different. My face was chubbier. I grew a couple cup sizes. My arms and legs became a little flabby. My butt got bigger and rounder, like more shapely. But I got so many more compliments on my figure, especially when I wore a dress. Men and women said they thought I looked better and healthier. I am a size 10, and I work out to maintain my size now, and not to try and lose any weight or size. I’m happy where I am today.

  • Well, it’s totally up to you. It’s your man and your relationship. I’ve known women who have done “worse” things to make their man happy. If it’s just a few extra indulgences and some weight gain, I would consider it. Most of us gain that weight anyway without even trying!

  • If a few dress sizes are in the way of becoming a 10 for him, then what’s the issue? Indulge in whatever fatty treats you want, enjoy some more TV than usual, and you will start packing on the pounds in no time. Just make sure you check in with him and don’t overdo it. You don’t want to get bigger than he fancies. And don’t be embarrassed about gaining weight. Everyone gains weight. I would gladly trade skinny jeans for a husband who will treat me like a 10 wife.

  • Get fat and let him love you. Nothing wrong with that.

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    apparently your not alone

  • I have had a very similar experience and my hubby was honest and very sincere, at first I rebuffed his request and could tell it really hurt him. I eventually agreed to try and gain a little weight. As I did, he loved it, we became closer and we became more passionate. I was only going to gain from 120 to 160 (I'm 5'6") but it felt so good I gained more, I'm now I size 16/18 and LOVE it!

  • You went up like 14 dress sizes!

  • I love it too and I'm way bigger than a size 18

  • How much weight did you gain?

  • I've gained 420lbs

  • Whoa! That’s a lot!

  • Oh yeah it is, I want to gain more!

  • How much more? You are already huge!

  • I'm not big enough! Another 100lbs maybe more.

  • What felt good about gaining weight?

  • I agree. I’ve gained weight and at first I thought my husband would be disgusted and it would embarrass me. But quite the opposite happened. He loved me filling out some and said he loved my plumper body. He said he wouldn’t mind if I gained more and started bringing me sweet snacks or encouraged me to get dessert when we went out to eat. It’s kind of nice in a relationship when you don’t have to worry about what your partner thinks about getting a little fat on him.

  • It feels good just to not stress about it. It feels good to feel the extra fat on your body and see your curves get curvier. Fattening up can be very sensual, especially if your partner finds the new pounds alluring and sexy.

  • Fattening up is very sensual, I love how my curves have gotten gotten bigger & bigger and all the extra fat I am carrying, so much so I'm over 500lbs now.

  • That’s too fat. Period.

  • How much total weight did you gain?

  • What has changed for you, emotionally and physically?

  • I was definitely more self-conscious, but I think that was all me. No one (except my mother!) cared about me gaining weight. Some people who knew me when I was skinnier said I looked happier at a bigger weight. And men still kept looking, even though I was a little fatter than before.

  • Overwhelming majority of men prefer women who have a body type similar to that of Mariah Carey. No, she's not fat and anyone who thinks she is - definitely needs to check their eyes and brain.

    So yeah, you should gain some weight. Curvy (eg. 5'6", 140 lbs) and even slightly chubby (eg. 5'6", 160 lbs) IS SEXY, while anorexia (eg. 5'6", 110 lbs) isn't.

  • Very accurate scale. And I agree 100%.

  • I agree. I would much rather have a curvy or chubbier woman over a stick skinny woman. You could go up 3-4 dress sizes and see how you feel from there.

  • Well the only negative, and it’s big, is the health impact. Also if you get too big you won’t be able to do active stuff. Think about that before you agree to anything.

  • I wouldn’t agree to anything. I would tell him you will put on a few pounds and see how you feel.

  • I’m a size 16 and still do very similar work outs to when I was a smaller size. It can be done. You get a little more tired sooner, but it can still be done.

  • I put on about fifty pounds over the course of a year. I was very active, but went on some medication and hurt myself training and had to take time off. Fifty pounds later I find myself back in the gym. It’s different, but not impossible to exercise at a higher weight. Some guys I knew at the gym said they think I look better with the added fifty pounds and told me to work out to maintain it but not so hard that I lose any of it!

  • I have a fat wife, lets just trade. lol

  • I like my gf to be skinny. I starve her. She is all skin and bone. Sometimes I have made her go several days with just water and she will feint. Sometimes she pleads with me to care for her and not let her die and I tell her she will be fine. We weigh her every day and have kept her weight pretty constant and not dropping any more. She has not had a period in over two years.

  • Well provided you like to do what he says, which you should by the way. You should be totally submitted to him and basically do what he wants. Mind you he will never be satisfied but it will be nice to try.

  • So you think I should gain weight?

  • Gain 50!

  • You can start slowly and see how you feel.

  • I think you should put on 20-30 over six months and see how you both feel after that.

  • Take it slow and you might find it’s not as bad as you think. Just be confident and own your new figure. That’s what men like!

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