Freshman year English teacher

TLDR at end: When I was a freshman in high school, I had a very sexy English teacher. Let’s call her Ms. M. Every guy in that class would check her out. She’s blonde, has blue eyes, about 5’5, has nice round decent sized t***, and a great ass. She would wear long skirts most days (probably to keep most guys from staring at her ass), but the days that she would wear these tight leggings... nobody would get any work done lmao. Anyways I remember a lot of kids trying to follow her on Instagram but she would obviously decline, so I decided I would wait until I graduated. After freshman year I didn’t have her again but I would stop by her classroom and say hello every so often throughout the next 3 years, so we stayed in touch in a way. During my senior year, which was 2019-20, we had the school year cut short because of quarantine. However, most kids knew that we weren’t going back to school already in the last few days so we already started signing yearbooks, that’s when I thought about saying bye to Ms M. I came to her room during my lunch period and her room was empty but she was still in there doing work. I sat down at her desk next to her an we talked for half the period, she told me that I had to go because she had a study hall in her classroom soon. So I opened my arms for a hug and said this is probably the last time I’ll see you. She wrapped her arms around me and said congratulations and good look on whatever you do. We stayed there for maybe 30 seconds until we made eye contact, then lightly put my had on her cheek, pulled her in and gave her a kiss. She pulled back, looked at the door and saw that it was shut. She pushed me out of the view of the window on the door and wrapped her arms around me again, I put my arms on her round, fat ass and put my tongue down her throat and made out with her. Not even a minute later the bell rang and we both quickly pulled back. She acted like nothing happened but still had a grin on her face, she then told me goodbye and she will miss having me visit her classroom.

Over quarantine I requested to follow her on Instagram... and she accepted the request. Obviously we started messaging in the dms and I was able to meet up with her at her house. When she opened the door she brought me in for a hug and said she missed her favorite student. I said I missed her too as I slid my hands down her back and stopped at her ass. She grabbed one of my hands and led me straight to her bedroom, we didn’t need to say anything. We knew what was happening. She bent over her king sized bed and didn’t say a word I pulled her leggings down and saw her naked ass, she wasn’t wearing panties. I started j********** and I told her I don’t have any condoms, in response she stuck her ass out even further. Without any more questions, I pushed my d*** past her lips, and slowly entered her p**** as she moaned loudly, she was soaked. We spent at least 10 minutes f****** in doggystyle until I pulled out and said turn around. She climbed further up on the bed and turned around and bent over and immediately put my d*** in her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down. I took her hands off the lower half of my d*** and grabbed her hair with both hands and forced her all the way down my shaft, she moaned and gagged on my d*** and slurped as she pulled back up and then let the saliva spill out her mouth onto my d*** and then started sucking again. I told her I’m gonna c** and she stopped sucking and turned back around. She demanded that I fill her with my load. I pin her to the bed, shove my d*** in her, put one hand around her neck, and pull her arm with the other, I only give about 10 thrusts before I empty my load deep into her, it was the best o***** of my life as I pulled her close to me and held her there. She stood up after and said that was the best d*** she’s ever had. We then took a shower together.

It’s been a few months now and we continued f****** over quarantine, I definitely impregnated her but good thing she has a boyfriend that she can blame that on lmao. I’m 18, and I’m having the best s** of my life with my former 27 year old English teacher.

TLDR: slept with my teacher over quarantine, got some amazing head and then impregnated her.

Jul 27, 2020

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