My first o*asm

I don't know if there is something wrong with me, but since I was 13 I have been having uncontrollable and extremely strong o******. They wouldn't need any sexual contact either. my first one was when I saw my crush.(I refer to my crush as she, because she is trans m to f) so this one time we were at my crushes house which I didn't know was kinda risky with my o***** problem. Anyway,there we were, sat on her bed playing video games, probably animal crossing. (And just a random reference, we were both wearing ‘anime’ stuff: my crush was wearing a short(really short, like I could see most of her thigh) flimsy white dress with pink socks that ended just below her knee. and I was wearing a tight pink top with a short black skirt with pink knee high socks)

So we were playing, and as we were playing,I could feel my crush looking at me. Like she was really fixed on me. I didn't really feel uncomfortable, I just assumed it was just my imagination. After a few hours, I still felt like she was looking at me(and no, we were not in complete silence, we talked a lot) there is this small mirror that I could look in to see if she was looking at me. And she was, she looked at me up and down admiringly from my thighs to my b******(as I said the top was tight) again I wasn't uncomfortable, I just felt weirdly amused.I didn't know what to do so I decided just to straight up look at her.. I looked and saw my crush had a big b*nner. As I said at the beginning, I have o****** frequently and seeing my crushes d*** like that sexually excited me. i reached out for my phone as a distraction, and brushed her thigh. As I did so, I heard here moan quietly. This turned me on so much, I could feel my p*ssy start pulsing as c** started leaking from me. I got scared because I didn't know what was happening, it felt good but I had never felt this way before. My t*ts felt weird inside my bra. I didn't know what to do, I didn't want to leave but I was getting so wet by this point, now it was my turn to really admire my crush. I sat a bit longer and said I had to leave. My crush was sad and confused cuz I was supposed to stay the night, but I left anyway.

By the time I got home, I had c** practically dripping through my panties and down my legs. I ran up to !y room, to recollect everything that happened. As I thought about everything, her quiet moan, her beautiful thighs, her d*** & the way she looked at me. Then there was like this explosion of sexual satisfaction and I couldn't stop moaning. And that was my first o***** :)

Btw, my crush isn't creepy, she's the most polite person I know and she would hate to make me feel uncomfortable. She texted me as soon as I got home apologizing if she made me uncomfortable. I just played dumb and said wdym. I saw in my notifications she said something about her d*** but then deleted it and said nvm. I guess I will never know.

Aug 3, 2020

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  • This actually could be a health problem. You should talk to your doctor.

  • That's hot and dumb you missed out on an oppurtunity like that.

  • Wow! Your story made my p**** wet.

    Let me know if you are ever in Texas and desire a good licking

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